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How to make a wood pallet Christmas tree?

Christmas is the time of joy and most of the people have been accustomed to use regular Christmas trees that have been used for generations. However, during the recent years, there have also been a lot of the so-called substitutes that offered alternatives to regular ones. Some of those are Christmas trees made of wood pallets. It should be mentioned that this is a very cheap method and that those trees are very easy to make but are very unique and interesting.

Pallet Christmas trees

Source: Architecture & Design

You can make one from the recycled wood pallet and make it look a bit rustic but yet modern. It is best made from the boards that are not finished and from some pieces of wood that are raw in order to have a natural design and look. It is up to you whether you would cross them or pile them up. If you decide to decorate them further, use white, silver or gold colors.


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Some of these trees seem like to have come from some stories or even fairy tales. You can use various mythical creatures or fairy tales figures do decorate a newly made pallet Christmas tree. You can use unicorns, deer, etc. you can even paint the boards or the figures. You can make the figures hang from the tree, or just glue to it, or make a kind of a small shelf for the figure to stand on it. If you want it bright, take white and shiny ornaments and decorations and light and the problem would be solved.

Set of trees

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Even though someone may thing this would be too much, it would actually be perfect. You can make them thinner and smaller and you can even create your own story out of them.

Green ones

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If you need to make them look like the trees from the forest, you can paint them in green. If you want them to look lively, there is always light blue or bright pink. In this way, you would make the interior of your house look livelier. You can use a lot of other things to decorate them, such as figures, sparking objects etc.

Recycled materials

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If you do not know how to decorate your own pallet tree, use some recycled materials. In this way, you would save the environment and nature and make a very interesting Christmas tree. In this way, you can use old wood, arts of clothes and textiles and paper to make some gorgeous figures and decorations.


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These trees are also great since you can write some messages onto them that would make the holiday spirit even greater.

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