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How to Have a Chic and Stylish Master Bedroom

When you move into a Vue Charlotte or a beautiful, spacious house, you want to decorate your space so that it reflects your sense of style. As you come to the master bedroom, how can you create a space that is both chic and stylish? Here are some design ideas that may help.

Decide on a Color Scheme

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First, decide the colors you will use. Most chic spaces start with a neutral main color, then add in some accents to bring in a brighter hue or two. No matter what color scheme you choose, consistency in the room will help make it appear more stylish and modern.

Create Texture

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If you walk into a luxury hotel room and look around, you will notice a variety of lush textures. Rich, thick blinds on the windows, smooth, satiny blankets on the bed, and plush, thick towels and linens in the bathroom. Create the same feeling in your master bedroom. Look for places you can add a variety of textures as you decorate. Fur, velvet, satin, and brocade can all be used quite well in a master bedroom space. Throw pillows, throw blankets, window coverings, wall decor, and even rugs on the floor are all places where you can easily add some texture.

Pile on the Pillows

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As you decorate your bed, be liberal with the pillows. Add as many as you can to give the bed a deep, comfortable feel. The more throw pillows you add, the more luxurious the bedroom will feel. Consider adding a variety of textures even with your throw pillows, but don’t forget a comfortable one for sleeping underneath it all.

Create Layers

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Layering on bedside tables and dressers will help your space look refined. Layering refers to adding different layers of decor, from a stack of books at the front of the table to a taller lamp or candle stick behind it. Play with the look as you add things, and avoid getting too cluttered, but add some interesting layers to the overall decor.

Consider a Focal Point

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Whether it is the bed itself or a piece of art on the wall, make your master bedroom have a focal point. A focal point will draw the eye to a particular area of the room, and gives you something to base the rest of your decor around. Your focal point is often a statement piece, so choose it carefully.

The master bedroom is often the last place that someone decorates when setting up a new home or apartment. When the time comes that you are ready to tackle this space, use these tips to make it truly chic and fashionable. Soon, your master bedroom will be a welcome retreat within your home.

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