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How to find a photographer that will help you remember your most precious moments 

Being a photographer means that you get to share some of the most beautiful and sincere moments with people. Just for a couple of hours, your photographer gets to be there with you while you’re experiencing some of the most important moments in your lives. Looking through the lens into your world and capturing the feelings, looks, faces, movement, tears, and smiles. That’s why being a photographer is so rewarding. And that’s why you don’t want to let just anyone in. You have to want them to be there. At the same time, they need to want to be there.

Weddings, children, and families are some of the most rewarding motives for photographing. It’s easy to see and feel the love even through the lens, and it’s hard not to feel grateful for getting the opportunity to experience that with someone. On the other hand, a lot of pressure is on the shoulders of the photographer. You’re trusting them to capture every sincere, beautiful moment so that you can admire it and cherish it forever. People memorize photos surprisingly well which is why you want someone by your side who is able to feel what you’re feeling, to understand the purity and the significance of the moment.

On baystudios.ch, the importance of capturing the moment is beautifully described. Not only are you looking for a photographer who can deliver pretty photographs, but also the one who knows when and what to photograph.

How to choose the right person to stand behind the camera?

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The beautiful thing is that every photographer is different. Each and every one of them has their unique signature. The main question to answer is, what do you feel when you’re looking at their photos? Do you want people to feel the same way when they’re looking at the photos of you or your kids? If the answer is yes, then that is the right photographer for you. While searching for someone perfect for you, you need to look at their previous work, but you also need to check the reviews and recommendations as they can tell you a lot about who someone is as a person and will help you see whether or not you would be a good fit. You can always meet with multiple different photographers and simply talk to them about their work process in order to check if that person is the right one for you.

What can you expect?

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An experienced photographer will be professional, answer all your questions and make sure that you understand that there are no stupid questions. Everything that is unclear to you, you should ask. Communication is the key to making you feel comfortable. After all, this is the person that will work on your wedding, take your family portraits, or take the pictures of your newborn. They will ask you about your ideas and wishes but will also be able to make suggestions and offer alternatives. Maybe you’re going to do the photo shoot in the studio, or maybe you’re looking for a specific location. Either way, a professional photographer will make sure to perform equally well outdoors as they do in the studio. They know how to use the light and their gear, and how to prepare both the location and the models for the photoshoot.

If you’re comfortable and have good chemistry with your photographer, the whole process will be effortless and exciting!

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