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How to develop a correct hospital management system (HMS)?

Software development for the hospital, namely the hospital management system (read more here), has its own particular qualities. After all, it is necessary to take into account that the program is created for several groups with different interests – these are the patients, the doctors and the administrative staff of the hospital. The patient is interested in:

  • convenient and simple interface that will save time and increase comfort when working with the software.
  • high speed of request processing and results issuing. The program must respond quickly to patient requests and provide the necessary information.
  • the ability to print the received information or copy it to electronic media. It is convenient and necessary for the interaction of the patient with other doctors and hospitals, as well as for personal use.

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A correctly developed HMS increases the patient’s trust in the hospital, which means it has a positive effect on the treatment process and on the hospital’s reputation by attracting new patients.

What’s important to the doctor?

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  • the ability to enter information into the program quickly. The diary of the appointments including manipulations and examinations, lab test results and much more – the doctor must fill out the forms quickly and correct the data in the process of interaction with the patient.
  • see his schedule.
  • rapid interaction between different hospital units.
  • correct patient registration at admission.

And finally, the administrative officer has his own requirements for the program:

  • demonstrative reports in a convenient form (for example, tables or graphs).
  • payment transactions (utilities, patient payment checks, etc.).
  • performance evaluation of the medical staff.
  • performance evaluation of patient treatment.
  • tracking and optimization of business processes.


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These are only the main aspects, there are even more questions in reality. But even such a minimal number of questions shows that the developers of the HMS encounter a large number of problems when creating and testing the program. Therefore, it is very important to understand what exactly the customer (hospital) wants and how to achieve it. Coordination of all development stages with the customer at the start is the only sure way to significantly reduce the time, money and resources spent.

You should pay attention to the experience of using HMS from other hospitals, if we have such opportunity, think over the moments of updating and maintaining the program. All this will allow us to achieve the best results in HMS development.

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