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How to choose the best houseplants

Do you live in an apartment, 10 floors up where there is no gardening space? Do you have a lot of decorations and artwork, but there is nothing lively to spruce up your apartment? Does your home feel stuffy or is there nothing in the corners of the rooms? Maybe you just need a plan or a nice terrarium that will make the space more lively.

The possibilities for indoor planting are endless. The ideas that you come up with will only be limited by your patience, budget, space, and imagination. Whether you are just raising orchids in your bedroom, or wintering geraniums, planting, and growing plants indoors can be quite interesting. Inside your home, you will be able to grow tropical plants, without a lot of problems.

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Foliage plants are great for a wide range of reasons. Crotons have vivid colors. You could choose something smalls like the African violet or you could choose something tall, like the umbrella plant. You should know that plants will improve the air quality in your apartments. According to www.be.green, ivy, bamboo, spider plants, and mother-in-law’s tongue all have something similar. They are known to absorb the toxins from the air. Flowers also release oxygen during photosynthesis and use the carbon dioxide which makes the air in your home better and healthier.

How to choose houseplants

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Some plants need to be pruned and maintained daily, others actually thrive when left alone. Choose plants that will suit your willingness to maintain them, as well as ones that suit your taste. Also, you should pay attention to how much light then need, hence you will make sure that you will pick the right one for your apartment.

Choose easy-care plants

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If you enjoy traveling, make sure that you choose plants that do not need a lot of water and care. By doing this, you will not have to worry about them, and you will not have to give your keys to your friends in order for them to water the plants while you are away. You could try a terrarium that created its own atmosphere and that does not require a lot of care. Sometimes you will be required to thin them, but that is about it.

Match the plants to the environment

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Some plants require special things. These things actually give the plants a chance to live among you. Pothos grow in little light and live shady areas, they would be happy to be in a “library”, growing slowly up the bookcase. Others, like the bird’s nest fern, enjoy being at a place that has moist air, like in the bathroom. Lemon trees enjoy being on windows where there is a lot of sunlight. Just make sure that you match the plants with the environment in your apartment.

Choose the right containers

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There is a variety of containers to choose from. You will only need to make sure that there are holes on the bottom for drainage, and if the material you choose happens to be copper, do not panic, there is a solution for everything. You can plant them in one plastic pot with drainage holes, and then set the plastic pot inside the copper pot.


As you can see, it is not difficult to choose a houseplant. Just make sure that you choose a plant that can fit the environment of your home and you are set to go!

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