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How to Choose the Best Home Theater System

A home theater system is a luxury purchase that brings together the whole family even closer for movie nights. However, home theater systems have evolved in recent years and they can be used for a variety of settings such as playing games, in addition to watching movies and TV Shows.

A home theater system brings the whole family together and offers the much-needed quality-time that parents are so desperately looking from their children.

However, with countless variations, from high-end to low-end, it can be hard to decide on the best system that would suit your needs the most.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to choose the best home theater system, as well as, learning the ins and outs of it.

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What is a home theater system?

A home theater system consists of a TV or a screen projector. These are the two main principles of home theater systems but there are others as well such as:

  • A TV or projector (mentioned)
  • Video Source
  • Home Theater Receiver
  • Speakers

Now that you know what a home theater system consists of, let’s build it.

The TV or Projector and Screen

For home theater systems, bigger means better, and we strongly recommend going for a 4K HDR TV, if you can’t afford an OLED. If you’re looking to buy a projector and screen, then today’s 4K projectors offer razor-sharp resolutions. The projector is typically installed on the ceiling and the screen is stationed in the center of the room.

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Video Source

The video source is very important when it comes to home theater systems. Blu-ray players, 4K media players, and even your standard set-top boxes offer you excellent picture and sound quality. You can even use devices such as Apple TV and Roku, and a host of others, that offer the best entertainment steaming-services from providers such as HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix.


The speakers are yet another highly important part of home theater systems that determine your receiver options. The golden rule of home theater speakers is that big ones require more power, and smaller ones need less power. More speakers allow you more channels on your receiver, but for the best possible sound quality, we recommend you use Dolby Atmos technology.

The optimal speaker settings and the number of speakers should always be six. For the placement of speakers, we suggest one left front, one right front, one left rear, one right rear, a subwoofer, and center speaker.

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Home Theater Receiver

An AUDIO/VISUAL (AV) receiver is what powers the whole system. You can even say it is the brains of the whole operation. It is the receiver’s job to receive, interpret, and process TV audio signals coming in before sending it along to your TV and speakers. We mentioned that Dolby Atmos offers the best sound quality, so we recommend getting an AV receiver compatible with this technology. Also, the best AV receiver will be the one that has five channels and one subwoofer output to operate at the highest quality.

A good home theater receiver puts the whole system together and guarantees theater-like audio experience right from your living room.

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