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How to Care for a Dog Properly and Correctly

Having a furry friendly animal in the family can be a nice addition to your house, but then again you need to know how to care for a dog properly so that it won’t feel neglected. After all, they are living creatures that need love, care, and protection. You will get their unconditional love and attention, but you need to know how to love them back in return.

Proper Research

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A lot of people make mistakes by thinking that dogs are easily disposable when they create a problem or when they are proven to be useless for the owners. Keep in mind that pets AREN’T things. They are living creatures with feelings and emotions. They know sadness, happiness, joy, disappointment, hurt, and other emotions. When you make a decision to have a pet, you need to stay true that decision. That is why, before bringing one to your home you need to mull this over and see if it’s just a craze.

Taking care of the pet is a responsible task and here are some of the questions that you need answers to, in order to see a bigger picture that it is not all fun and play: how often do they need to go to the vet? What are the basic items they need? Do you know their training routine? Is your living environment suitable for a specific kind of dog breed? Find as much information as possible. Be thorough. You need to know as much as possible before making any decision.


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These are often overlooked because they are considered unimportant. In reality, though, they are just as important as human supplies. That’s why you should learn about that as well before deciding on a type of dog. For instance, what kind of leash or collar would be perfect for your furry friend? Do you need a carrier? Do you need a toy? What kind of grooming accessories do you need? Find out about these supplies before you go further.

Food and Drink

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A crucial element in how to take care of a dog is to understand what they consume. Proper feeding is crucial because it will affect their health. After all, dogs are basically eager eaters – it isn’t difficult to feed them. But then again, you can’t be careless. Just because they would eat anything, it doesn’t mean that you can give them everything. The most ideal scenario if you can make your own snacks (there are some dog food recipes to try at home) so you can be sure about how economical, nutritious, and tasty the food is. You need to know what kinds of foods to avoid, such as chocolate or salty foods. The owner needs to provide a supply of fresh water – it is also crucial to prevent thirst and dehydration.


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No matter how fond you are of your pets, you should train them. Dogs need to have discipline – just like humans. And if they don’t have enough discipline, they can be a handful – and not only can they create problems for themselves but also for others. In general, they need to understand the basic things like doing their business (preferably outdoors) and they need to have their own schedules. Not only the dogs need to understand the basic rules, you (as the owner) also need to know how to discipline them properly and humanely. Don’t overlook or underestimate this stage because it will determine your future with your pets.

Cleanliness and Surrounding Environment

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According to okdogi.com, providing a clean and hygienic surrounding is a part of how to care for a dog. As a part of the family, you don’t want your dog to get sick easily or be the source of the ailment, do you? Besides introducing a hygienic and clean environment to your furry friend, you also need to discipline it to know how to use that space properly. Regular bathing isn’t the only thing that you can do for them, but you also need to pay attention to the nail clippings, hair trimming, and other things.

Proofing the Property

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Make sure that you proof your house and the garden so it would be safe for your dog. Find out what kind of plants can be dangerous for the dog (yes, dogs eat plants or grass too and some of the plants can make them sick). Or what you can do to make your house completely safe and comfortable for your furry friend.

In the end, caring for your dog isn’t only about cleaning the area of bathing it. It is about providing a safe and controlled environment so you know that you have provided a home. These are just the basic of how to care for a dog but be encouraged to find further details.

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