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How to Activate Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s OS. And it looks like it’s going to stay on your PC for a long time. Some even say that all subsequent updates will be just for it. And so, the more important the activation of Windows 10 gets. Let’s be honest, not everyone uses legal ways to do this, when there is a free Windows 10 activator on the network.

Below I will talk about various activation methods and what to do if you cannot activate Windows 10.


1. Why activate Windows 10?
2. How do I activate Windows 10?
2.1 Activating Windows 10 by phone.
2.2 How to buy a key for Windows 10?
2.3 How to activate Windows 10 without a key?
3. Windows 10 Activation Programs.
3.1. Windows 10 KMS activator.
3.2 Other activators.
4. What to do if Windows 10 is not activated?

1. Why activate Windows 10

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Why would you want to mess with some kind of activation anyway? The older versions somehow worked without it. Indeed, such a mode is also provided for “10”. But let’s see what happens if we don’t activate Windows 10 and try to continue working.

Easy cosmetic changes, like dropping of background and constantly popping up activation notifications, it’s just a kid’s stuff. The lack of official support is also unlikely to confuse you. But the impossibility to set up a normal personalization may make you squirm on your chair. But the most unpleasant thing is constant automatic reboots in a few hours of work. And who knows what else will Microsoft engineers come up within the next updates… So it is better to solve the issue with activation as soon as possible.

2. How do I activate Windows 10?

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To activate itself, the OS uses a digital license or a 25-digit key.

The digital license allows you to get activated Windows without entering a key at all. This method is relevant for free upgrades from the licensed “7” or “8”, the purchase of “10” in the Windows Store, as well as for Insider Preview test participants. In this case, the system is activated automatically after establishing an Internet connection and processing data on Microsoft servers.

According to ValidEdge, If you buy a key for Windows 10, you will need to enter this key at the system’s request during installation. Activation is performed automatically after connecting to the Internet. Similarly, authentication is performed with a clean installation.

Attention! Manual key entry and activation are only required during the first installation of a specific edition on a device. A Microsoft server will remember it and activate the OS automatically in the future.

2.1 Activating Windows 10 by phone

If there is no Internet connection or the Microsoft server is too busy and does not respond (this also happens), Windows 10 will be activated by phone. I’ll tell you right away that looking for the appropriate item in the menu and settings takes longer than doing the following:

Press “Win+R”, enter “slui 4” and press “Enter.”
Choose your country in the opened window and click “Next.”
Now the only thing that’s left is to make a call using a number showed by the system and follow the instructions of the answering machine. It’s best to be ready to record what you hear right away.
Then enter the resulting Windows 10 activation code and click “Windows Activation.”
There you go! No problemo.

2.2 How to buy a key for Windows 10?

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If you need a product key for Windows 10, a license key for an older version of the OS, like XP, will not work. You will need the current 25-character code. Here are the ways to get it:

along with the boxed OS (if you decided to get the CD from a store), along with a digital copy of the OS (the same thing, but in an official online store, i.e., Microsoft’s website), or as part of a corporate license or MSDN subscription.

The last legal option is a key on a device that is sold with a “10” on board. If necessary, it will simply need to be entered on request. Frankly speaking, this is not the cheapest option, unless you need a new Windows tablet or smartphone.

2.3 How to activate Windows 10 without a key?

Here comes the old pirate style. Keep in mind that according to the license agreement you shouldn’t do it, and according to the law as well … So act at your own risk.

So, if you are looking for how to activate Windows 10 without a key and without buying a license for blood money, you will need an activator. There are a lot of them online but choose carefully. The fact is that scammers have adapted to disguise real viruses there. If you try to use such an “activator”, you will only infect the system – you may lose your data, or recklessly enter your bank card data and lose all your savings.

3. Windows 10 activation programs.

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A good program to activate Windows 10 will effectively bypass the security mechanism and make the OS as obedient as a hand dog. A good program will not feed you ads or slow down the system. Mainly, I am talking about KMSAuto Net which is constantly updated, improved, and really solves the question of how to activate Windows 10 for free and forever. Well, or until Microsoft learns to block it, and until a new version of the activator is released.

3.1. Windows 10 KMS activator.

For Windows 10, the KMS Activator can boldly be called the best tool. First of all, it has been developed for a long time, so the author’s got a ton of experience. Secondly, simple for ordinary users. Thirdly, works fast.

KMSAuto Net, the most convenient, in my opinion, version of the program, playfully copes with the activation of Windows 10. Keep in mind that for normal operation it may need a .NET Framework ( many PCs have it already).

Main features:

very simple, does not require much knowledge to use;
has an advanced mode for those who need fine-tuning;
checks for activation (in case you didn’t know that everything’s fine);
supports the entire line of OS from Vista to “10”;
supports server versions of the OS;
can activate MS Office with the latest versions;
uses the whole set of means for bypassing the activation mechanism, and chooses an optimal by default.

It also goes with the instruction of working in different modes and other advanced information.

So, how to use it? Here is a step-by-step instructions:

1. First, of course, download and install. If you don’t want to install it, download the portable version.
2. Right click on the icon, click “Run as Administrator.”
3. The main window opens with two buttons – “Activation” and “Information.”
4 Now you can see Windows and Office statuses. Check the necessity to activate it if you want.
5. Click “Activation.” The utility will select the best way to activate itself. And then write the results in the output field below the buttons. Make sure that it says “Your system is activated.”

Now let’s set up automatic bypass of activation – let’s install our KMS service. This is a special service that replaces the relevant Microsoft security system so that the keys are checked on the local PC. In other words, your PC will think that it has checked the activation with Microsoft, although in fact, this is not the case.

Source: Interconnections – The Equinix Blog – Equinix

6. Click “System.”
7. Click “Install KMS-Service.” The inscription will switch to “Running”, and then the utility will report a successful installation. Done. The system is activated and will now access the service installed by the activator to check the status.

If you do not want to install an additional service, you can configure the Windows Scheduler. Then it will make its own “check shot” (reactivate if necessary) after a specified number of days. To do this, on the System tab in the Scheduler section, click “Create Task.” The activator may warn you that it will create a task in the program folder – accept it.

And now a few words about the advanced mode. If you go to “About” and click the “Professional mode” button, you will see several more tabs with settings. But these are for those of you who are interested in the subtleties of configuring IP. Choose the automatic mode for successful activation. Select your Windows product. Click on the Activation button. Wait for a few seconds. That’s it. You can also save the activation data and try standard activation.

3.2 Other activators.

In addition to the KMS activator, there are other less popular ones, e.g., Re-Loader Activator – it also asks for .NET, can activate Office, and also quite simple.

4. What to do if Windows 10 is not activated?

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It also happens that the system worked, and then suddenly deactivated. If you have a licensed copy – then Microsoft support service is waiting for you. You can preview the list of errors at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10738/windows-10-get-help-with-activation-errors

If the activator was working, you just need to reactivate it. Antivirus interferes – add the activator files and the service it installs to the exceptions. At the very least, turn off the antivirus for the time of activation.

Now you can activate Windows 10 by yourself. If something does not work – write in the comments, and let’s figure it out together.

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