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How Much Sleep Do Teens Need? 

Times are constantly changing. The changes in time come with changes in our bodies. Along with changes in our bodies comes the difference in our needs and requirements. One of the most important components that our body requires from the onset of life is adequate sleep. We need to familiarize with our sleeping patterns.

Sleeping patterns change as we grow up. It is for this reason that teenagers exhibit different sleeping patterns from adults and young children. As a responsible parent, you need to ensure that your child gets adequate sleep every single night.

Below is a detailed explanation you need to know about teens and their need for getting adequate sleep.

How Much Sleep do Teens Need?

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At teenage, the brain is still developing. The teenagers, therefore, require adequate sleep to achieve full cognitive maturity and development. Extensive research on teenagers and their body requirements have proven that more developments in the body occur during sleep.

Teenagers need about 8-10 hours of adequate sleep each night. Adequate sleep ensures they mature mentally and physically along with other benefits. Getting inadequate sleep causes undesirable effects on any human being irrespective of age.

Advantages of Getting Adequate Sleep

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It is important that teenagers get enough sleep every single night. Below are some of the benefits of ensuring that teenagers get adequate sleep.

Improved Concentration Levels

Students who get enough sleep at night get to relax their bodies at night. During the day, they are unlikely to fall asleep in class. Staying alert throughout the day ensures that your concentration levels are at maximum levels. This is likely to lead to improved results.

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Healthy Brain Development

The brain of an adolescent is still in its developmental stages. To ensure that the brain gets to develop fully in a healthy state, you will need to ensure that the teens get enough sleep through the night. The health of your children is paramount.

Fewer Cases Of Depression

Getting enough sleep helps eradicate stress and, mood swings, and aggression. This cuts across all ages. Ensuring that your teens get enough sleep through the night will help you cut on expenses. For example, you will save on expenses which you may have incurred to hire a professional psychiatrist.

How to Ensure That Teens get Adequate Sleep

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As a parent, I hope that you do understand your role in ensuring that your child is getting enough sleep every single day of the week. Below is a quick check on some quick hacks to improving teenage sleep patterns.

Limit The Use Of Electronic Devices After Dinner

Extensive research has proven that the usage of mobile phones, laptops, televisions and video games before retiring to bed is wrong. These electronic devices emit light which inhibits our bodies from producing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

You will need to set rules on the usage of electronic devices after dinner. You may set a central point where everybody deposits his electronic devices an hour before bedtime. You take back your devices in the morning. Ensure that all lights in your residence are turned off at bedtime.

Create A Sleep Routine

According to Sleep Education, it is recommended that you create a regular sleep routine to improve your sleep habits. The whole family needs to train on how to adhere to the set bedtime rules. In this way, your teenage kids are assured of adequate sleep. Children who get enough sleep are most likely to deliver the desired results at school.

Avoid Stimulants In The Evenings

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Foods that are rich in stimulants for example coffee are known to keep the body active. It is therefore recommended that you introduce coffee in your diet during breakfast to help you jumpstart your day. Taking coffee beyond 2 pm is most likely to interfere with your sleep patterns.

Give Your Adolescent Children A Conducive Sleep Environment

Ensure that your child’s room is free of noise pollution, light interference or uncomfortable sleeping paraphernalia. The desired environment will not hinder your children from getting adequate sleep during the night.

You are expected to choose the best quality of mattress for your children(Here are some recommendations from bestmattress.reviews). The correct quality of the mattress is designed to cater for any sleeping styles. When your children sleep comfortably irrespective of their physical anatomy and sleep styles, they get enough sleep during the night.

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Do Not Overlook The Signs And Symptoms Of Inadequate Sleep

When your teenage child starts behaving in a manner likely to suggest that they are not getting enough sleep, you will need to seek relevant solutions. Introduce measures to correct the sleeping patterns. In case you fail, seek more information from your teen’s physician.

Does Mattress Quality Affect Sleep Time?

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Scientific research has proven that we need to find the best mattress quality which caters for different sleeping styles. At memory foam mattresses, we understand the different styles of sleeping and how to create the correct density to cater to your needs.

We have asked the question, ‘how much sleep do teens need?’ From our feedback, we have created the best densities specifically for teens. Feel free to consult any of our outlets to acquire one of our mattresses quality.

In Conclusion, the problem of not getting sufficient sleep is common among most folks. It is more dangerous for teenagers not to get enough sleep. We have listed some eye-opening facts on what you need to do to ensure that your child enjoys the benefits of having enough sleep.

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