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How can you upgrade your home with Pringles cans?

Do you eat a lot of Pringles? And you throw the can in the garbage? Well, there are some suggestions on how you can recycle it and make your home prettier and your living easier. Plus, working on it is fun, and you can include your kids in the process. All you need is scissors, glue, wrapping paper, thread, little pegs, and marker pens. And the possibilities are endless – boxes for coffee, herbs, and sugar, sets for games, jewelry holders, vases, pencil holders, and many more. All you have to do is be creative and give reins to your imagination.

DIY Containers

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The process of recycling Pringles cans is straightforward and entertaining. You need to pour water on the cans and clean it with detergent and sponge. Then you put them away to dry on the sun. Now that your cans are dry and clean get on the job of decoration. You can use different patterns – floral, glittering, with dots, hearts or geometrical, colorful, or just one color. Making these containers is so easy; your children could do it. They can use it as a piggy bank, box for bobby pins or small toys. They will be happy to make something unique and will use it with joy.

Organization in your kitchen

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You are always running out of containers for sugar, coffee, etc. in your kitchen? You spend a lot of money buying it? Why don’t you make some? Precision will make these boxes look perfect. Plus, you can hold spaghetti, oats, or snacks in it. If you have a romantic kitchen, the floral decorative paper would be an excellent choice. On the other hand, the geometrical wrapped paper would feet better to a modern style kitchen. You can be extra creative and paint the Pringles cans in white and then do some decoupage.

Bowling set

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The great idea for picnic preparation is to make bowling pins out of Pringles cans. While you are making sandwiches, salads, and fancy drinks for outdoor fun, let your kids make the pins. Take six cans and paint them in different colors, then draw the contour of pins with a marker pen and fill it with white paint. And that’s it. Take an ordinary ball with you, and the best picnic ever may begin.

Fancy and elegant vases

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When making the vases, you must make sure that cans are entirely undamaged. Also, if you want to hold the living flowers in a vase, you should use a waterproof spray. It will give them a beautiful metallic look. Useful tip: don’t forget to test it before using it. However, if you are planning to hold artificial flowers, you don’t need to bother about it. You paint the cans in any color you want. They will look beautiful on the window, table and even on the floor or staircases because the cans are high enough. You will be surprised by the lovely and elegant touch these vases will give to your home.

Jewelry holder

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We have so much jewelry boxes, yet our necklace and bracelets in every corner of the house. Not anymore! Just wrap the Pringles can in pretty paper and fix some pegs on the edges. Now your jewelry will always be at hand reach, yet very organized and neat.

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There are many other options you can turn Pringles can into work of art or a stand or some other useful thing. You can make a castle just put some roof on the top and a tower next to it, some stairs and balconies, paint it in a rustic color, and there you have it. Cut large Pringles container in 6 pieces, glue those to a board that you can hang in a bathroom and thru the wholes, you can put magazines spray them in a beautiful color, and that is it. Cut an opening in the bottom and put make-up removal, cotton pads in it, spray the container, put some pearls so it looks nice and it is done.

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You can cut the bottles at an angle, wrap them in some nice paper and use those containers for your pencils, scissors, markers and other. Fill it up with water, spray them, or wrap some wrapping paper, put flowers in and you have a vase. It is all about how you decorate those containers, and you will figure out what to use them for, and what to put in them, do not be lazy and get to work.

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