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How Are Smart Blinds Beneficial For Home Security?

When it comes to improving the ambiance, security, and luxury of a 21st century home, advance devices have already proven their worth. Starting from temperature and fan to lighting control, everything is at your fingertips today, which means that you do not have to leave the comfort of your bed to manually adjust temperature and light.

A recent addition to the smart devices is the smart blinds, which allows you to adjust the amount of natural light entering your house with the aid of a mobile app.

How do smart blinds function?

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If you think that the smart blinds come with a ton of chords in which you might trip and fall, then no, they are completely motorized. Currently,in the market, you can avail to two variants of smart blinds-motorized with Z-wave and zigbee. There remote controls work on a Z-wave and It is for this reason, that you can integrate these curtains to advance home hubs and can operate these blinds from anywhere in your home or through internet.

Install smart blinds for improved home safety

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Equipping your home with these is a long-term investment. You can get more and similar automated curtains and enjoy greater in-house security in the following ways:

  • To ensure the safety of your child and pet

As you know, children and pet have a keen interest to play with things they are not supposed to, and at times, this habit of theirs leave them in grave danger. Curtains when not automated come with chords and thus they have occupied their position in the list of the most common choking hazards.

  • Gain the ultimate control

Would you not love if you are woken up in the dawn by a pair of smart blinds by showing you the tranquility of nature? You can even set daily and weekly schedules specifying the precise time in which you want the blinds to close down or open up! Some of these are also infused with light sensors which enable them to function according to the intensity of the light of a room.

If you are considering for smart home integration then you would also be allowed to control a specific group of them at once, like the curtains at your living room. Just with the hit of a single command, the curtains will lower; the lights will be dimmed, creating a perfect ambiance for a movie night.

  • Better security for your loved ones

If you know how to use these the right way, it will serve to be an integral part of your security system. Even if you are away for days at a stretch, then to keep away potential thieves from targeting your home just because it is empty, the curtains can be raised and lowered periodically, thus giving them an illusion that the occupants are still there. If integrated with the rest of your smart gadgets, these automated blinds can also lower themselves when the camera is triggered.

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For a completely secure and modern home, installing automatic smart blinds is a must-have today!

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