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Here is what Flagship Samsung Phones are missing

Everybody owns a smartphone these days, and with something so popular among us, we constantly try to find the best manufacturer and the best product to buy as well. In the world of smartphone manufacturing, there are so many brands and competitors that are fighting to become a king of the hill, and to be honest, there are some pretty interesting things going on at the moment.

When we speak about the smartphone manufacturing titans, Samsung is definitely one of those that have been at the top for quite some time now, but believe it or not, that is currently changing.

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Samsung smartphones are losing the battle with other new and upcoming manufacturers that focus more on creating affordable phones rather than overpriced gimmicky ones, and if nothing is done about it, Samsung might soon end up falling from the throne completely.

One of the best examples for this is Huawei, a brand that was almost completely unknown a few years back but still managed to climb on top by manufacturing high-quality affordable mid-range and end-range phones. The same thing is currently happening with Xiaomi as well. Xiaomi is currently dominating the Indian market, which is one of the largest markets as well, while Huawei is making insane results on the European market. Needless to say, Samsung is facing some serious threats, and if they don’t do anything about it, this competition might be over much sooner than everyone expects.

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The reason why Samsung is losing the battle is definitely not because their smartphones are not high-quality or well-designed enough. They are losing the battle because their phones are overpriced compared to the ones manufactured by Huawei and Xiaomi, which in most cases are much better than the ones Samsung makes for a much higher price. Just because a phone has the logo of Samsung on it doesn’t mean that people will end up paying hundreds of dollars more for it. Samsung’s phones are good, their prices aren’t.

However, if you are a die-hard fan of Samsung and you don’t accept anything else besides a Samsung phone, you might want to consider some ways of protecting the phone for which you paid a lot of money. And a thing that makes a Samsung phone much more secure and protected is tempered glass, so feel free to find one here.

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As a conclusion, Samsung’s phone are well designed, always have the latest features and their performance also great, but they need to realize that not everybody will choose their device over a device that functions and performs exactly the same, if not even better, but costs much less than theirs. We live in a world where the money is basically the most important thing when it comes to materialistic things, and people want to spend them as efficient as they possibly can. If Samsung takes this as a red-light and lowers the ego factor, they may still be able to keep their throne and remain to be known as one of the best phone manufacturers of all times.

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