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George Clooney Hopes the Media Treats Meghan Markle Better Now

Despite looking like a fairy tale, Meghan Markle’s life is far from easy. With full media attention on her all the time, she has to be perfect 247, and that is almost impossible task.

To make matters worse, she is estranged from a large part of her family, including half-sister, Samantha Markle, her half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., and her father, Thomas Markle Sr, and they never miss a chance to take a jab at her. Some of her friends have had enough of that and decided to speak up.

Media creates a negative picture of Meghna Markle

Source: Town & Country Magazine

Often the media will cover Meghan negatively, looking for any excuse to portray her as a spoiled diva. Many of the stories they use are either not confirmed by Kensington Palace or are completely fabricated.

The Markle family drama

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Meghan’s family has been a constant source of gossips and scandals. Samantha has been famously turned away by the Kensington Palace after arriving uninvited. Meghan’s father has been caught trying to stage a paparazzi photographs, which caused him to be uninvited from Meghan and Harry’s wedding. The birth of Archie Harrison has made matters even worse since the family has expressed their desire to meet him.

Private is private

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Meghan has often been accused of improper behavior to both royal family members and her staff. Still, the truth is that no one knows what is happening behind the closed doors of the palace and in private conversations. There is nothing in Meghan’s character that would suggest she would intentionally set out to cause stress for anyone.

George Clooney to the rescue

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George has been Meghan’s friend for a long time and has expressed concern about how media reacts Meghan and her family several times. He hopes that now, with the baby born, they will step back and let her enjoy her newly-found happiness as a mother.

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