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You decided to throw a party with your friends. We know that sometimes organizing such events can be quite tricky, even stressful!

There are several elements that make a great party: the people invited, a nice location, quality food and drinks, great music selection… but what can be the real cherry on top of the cake? It is what you and your guest will do at the party. Think about it, how many parties do you remember? And what do you remember about them? Most likely it is something that happened at the party; was it a funny moment? A spectacular surprise prepared by the host or for the host?

A fun activity or a game to entertain your guests is what will make your party stand out from all the other ones, so it is a good idea to plan something!

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There are many kind of activities that suit well a party, the choice depends on what kind of party it is, the number of people invited, if it is a party for friends or the family. Here we want to focus especially on one of the most common parties that you can host: a night with some good friends.

Reverse Charades

This is a fun game that you may have also seen played on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” by Jimmy and some of his guests. To get ready for this game write words, title of plays, movies, books and songs on pieces of paper. Once you have a good number put them inside a bowl or pile them like a deck of cards; a timer can be handy as well.

The rules are simple: divide your friends in groups of minimum 3 and maximum 5 people. At each turn, one player of a team has to guess what all his or her teammates are acting out all at the same time. Players have one minute to guess the word or title by purely looking at their friends, without saying a single word, not even between the “actors”.

If you have two teams, you can play one team at a time, while the other simply enjoys the show. If instead there are more than two teams you can also twist the game and have two teams acting on the same word at the same time, who gets it first wins the round and scores a point.

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Mysterious Object

To play this game you only need some objects (the weirdest are the definitely the funniest) and something to blindfold players. There is no need to form teams but if you like the idea of a more competitive match, go for it. The gameplay is straightforward: at turns, blindfold one of the players and let the others decide an object that the blindfolded person has to recognize by touching it. This can easily lead to some memorable moments of laughter, especially because of the worried faces of players caused by their imagination on what they are about to touch or have just touched.

The Stick of Truth

This is another game that is simple to set and fun to play. Have you ever wondered about your friends deepest secrets? This is your chance to find out something about them, at a cost. Grab as many sticks as the players that are playing, make all of the almost equal, apart one that has to be shorter than the others. At each turn, a player asks a question, all the players, including the one asking the question, pick a stick from the group. Make sure that it is hard to tell which is the shorter stick while picking. The player who picks the shortest stick has to answer the question proposed. It may happen that you will have to answer your own question, so chose wisely!

Source: IcebreakerIdeas.com

Two Truths and a Lie

Although it may look similar to the previous game, this one requires some acting/secret agent skills. It can be played in teams or as individuals, the choice is up to you. The gameplay is quite simple: each player at turn has to say three statements, two of those have to be true, whereas the other has to be lie. The other players have to guess which one of the statements is a lie. If you play in teams, the whole opponent team has to vote on which is the false statement, if most of the team agrees on the right sentence it scores a point. In the case where you do not have too many players (let’s say from 5 to 10) and you decide to play as individuals, all the other players have to make a guess, those who get the right answer score a point.

Truth or Dare

This is where the night can get hotter. Truth or dare is a classic party game where players take turns asking for a dare or a truth. Then, depending on their choice, either they are challenged to do something, or to tell an embarrassing truth about themselves. There is no real winner of this game, but rather a lot of fun while seeing your friends trying to win their challenges or struggling to answer some delicate questions. One thing you definitely need for this kind of game is a good list of truths and dares. You can always come up with some yourself before the game begins but we recommend using something already prepared by someone else, it may be an app on your phone (there are many that can suggest different truths or dares) or a board game inspired by this kind of game.

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A nice twist to “Truth or Dare” is Spicify, a game where two teams of both boys and girls try to score the highest possible number of points accepting challenges proposed by the cards in the game. As the name suggests it is a hot game where challenges can be anything from mildly flirty to pretty wild. To make it fun for everyone it is divided in two decks that propose challenges of different… boldness. Each card has a number of points associated to itself and proposes not only a dare but also what you and your possible partner should wear during the challenge and what sex your partner should be. If you decline the challenge, there is a penalty (a hot confession) that you can take to minimize the number of points lost. Find out more here!

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