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Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay – What It is Like?

Kodak isn’t letting its print film to go away peacefully. They brought back from the dead one of its most popular films – Ektachrome, and Fujifilm even announced that Acros 100 is coming back, too. The Instax Mini LiPlay is something new that they are offering, and let’s see what is it all about.


On this LiPlay, you can review your pictures trough an LCD screen, and that way you can choose whether you want to print them or not. The animations on display are amazing, and the printed pictures are coming out in excellent quality. It is effortless to hold it and carry around due to its rounded body. You can get it in black white and rose gold color. The power button on the side is also a great feature, and three keys that have on makes visual effects adjust easily. There are Back button, Review, and Print. Also, a Set button has an average camera that has 4-way direction wheel, which lets you navigate on the menus. You can turn on and off Bluetooth and some other settings too.

It also has a selfie mirror, AF lamp, and the button or audio record.

Source: Fujifilm

Audio Record

Yes, you read that right – there is an audio record button. However, you need a QR code to make sound work. You take a picture, record the audio for up to 10 seconds. You can pass that image to someone else, but they need that QR code. In addition to recording, you can also control LiPlay and listen to your message. You can also work with a live view, and this new app that they have is way better than their original designs.


It also works as a printer. Take your picture form a phone, and just sent it directly to your printer. They have an app called Direct Print that you can use for this. You can also crop, adjust brightness, and other things. But for editing photos, you will need a different application. Also, the bad side is that you can’t rotate your images.

Source: Scott Gilbertson


It is a great camera to have, but there isn’t much about it that is distinctive from other cameras other than the things we reviewed. The good thing about it is also the price, and the beautiful thing is that you can get you to picture in an instant as you take it. It is worth getting it, and you will have fun using it.


Price: $151.00 / Amazon

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