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From photo to painting – Art piece you need on your wall

It can often feel like you’ve used up all of your ideas for birthday, anniversary, or holiday presents but there are always some new and fresh ideas popping up. Now we’re going to talk about the best form of gifts: handmade art. It is always easy to recognize a well-done handmade gift. When simply buying something from the first store you go into becomes cheesy, lazy, and boring, handmade art is always a welcome change. Luckily, there are artists out there offering their expertise in creating beautiful paintings based on whatever photograph you send them.

Imagine receiving a beautifully executed painting or drawing of your family member, pet, childhood home or town, children, partner, or literally anything else you can imagine. Art is never going out of style and will always be considered a thoughtful and sweet gift. You can not only choose photos you want to see turned into a painting, but you can also choose the technique that will be used. Do you want a watercolor or oil painting, or maybe a colored pencil drawing? Maybe you’re more into charcoal or acrylics? Whatever you have in mind, the experienced artist can have it done in no time.

Source: paintmyphotos.net

Custom portraits are a popular choice and it’s easy to understand why. Stunning portraits always look magnificent on the wall and everyone is pleased to see the faces of the people that they love. Paint My Photos writes that you can easily combine objects and parts of different photos into one painting allowing your imagination to run free and create something completely unique.
The size of the painting is also something that is up to you to choose. You are free to choose some of the dimensions that are already offered or to choose custom dimensions that fit your needs.

Getting your photo made into a custom painting or a drawing is a quick and effortless process. All you have to do is simply send the photo via email or postal mail, pay the deposit, and wait for your painting to be completed. Of course, in case you are not satisfied with the final product, you can get your money back.

A portrait of the bride and groom can be a beautiful wedding present, a drawing of someone’s pet a great birthday gift, and a landscape painting will always look amazing on the wall and serve as a constant reminder of your favorite spot in the mountains, your honeymoon, or simply be a stunning piece of art that everyone will admire when they walk in.

Source: paintmyphotos.net

Nowadays, when everyone is preoccupied with their jobs, raising a family, and dealing with different types of obligations, it’s soothing to have a piece of art nearby in which you can find peace. Having your favorite person, landscape, or pet painted by hand skillfully and carefully for an affordable price and in a short period of time is not something many people can say no to. Now, it’s time to stop looking for a perfect gift because you’ve already found it.

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