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Forget about Cotton with these 5 Outstanding Bamboo Sheets

Think that coziness has to wear a 100% cotton label? You haven’t met Mr. Bamboo yet.

A Gold Star for Overall Offer

Cariloha Classic 4-Piece Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

Source: Pinterest

Made entirely from pure bamboo fabric, this set is a nature’s way of saying sweet dreams to you. There is no cotton or microfiber in it, which is why the Cariloha Classic sheet has a somewhat higher price tag. Nevertheless, you will forget all about the cost once the summer nights kick in and you are all fresh and odor-free in the morning.

Additional benefit: Because it is made out of 100% bamboo fabric, which is naturally antiallergenic and repellent to odors, you can be sure that your sheets won’t go stale in a month time.

A Gold Star for Deep Pockets

Cosy House Collection Premium 4-Piece Bamboo Sheet Set

Source: New York Magazine

If your mattress is slightly thicker than standard, you know how changing your sheets can turn into a tugging and pulling nightmare. Deep pockets of this set could just be the thing you need to overcome the challenge. They smoothly slip over the corners of your mattress, making your work a piece of cake.

Additional benefit: Edges are seriously elasticized, so you don’t have to worry about budging later. Everything will stay neatly in its place.

A Gold Star for Thread Count

Hotel Sheets Direct 4-Piece Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

Source: Amazon.com

Imagine having silk sheets that you can wash in your machine. Imagine something softer than cashmere. No way?

Try again: with its whopping 1800 thread count, this set has a luxurious touch of softness that will launch you into the new dimension of resting. You will forget both cashmere and silk.

Additional benefit: You won’t have to pay a fortune for the premium experience – most of the sets are priced under $50.

A Gold Star for Wrinkle-Resistance

Zen Bamboo Luxury 4-Piece Set

Source: Zen bamboo mattress pad

Who wants to stand beside a hot iron on a summer day? Or hold a blazing steamer?

Unless you actually enjoy these activities, get yourself this Zen Bamboo Set: you will call it your life-saver. It will come out of your machine ready to be used. And it will stay neat even after your bad bugs bite all night.

Some of the reviewers actually swore that it stayed wrinkleless after a bunch of kids.

Additional benefit: Do you really need anything else once you are liberated from a steamer?

A Gold Star for Color Range

LuxClub 4-Piece Microfiber and Bamboo Sheet Set

Source: Amazon.com

You know how purple walls just won’t say yes to red sheets? Or how you simply can’t handle the darks if you are a sensitive romantic? The good news is that now you can customize your comfort with LuxClub 4-Piece Microfiber and Bamboo Sheet Set. Simply choose your favorites from more than 40 options.

Additional benefit: This bamboo fitted sheet pockets are 14” deep so they’ll fit more of today’s mattress options.

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