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Finally Revealed: Why Have Meghan and Harry Been Keeping a Low-Profile with Baby Archie

Ever since his birth at the beginning of May, Archie has been holding his face away from the public eye. The Sussexes have blessed us with several images of their newborn, but none of them allows us to have a closer look at his adorable little face.

One of our first glimpses at little royal tyke was the official photo issued by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which left us all speechless in joy. But, as we the sweetness was overwhelming us, the tinny thing ruined our pleasure – Archie cute little nose remained hidden underneath his father’s arm.

Asked by an observer to turn the bub slightly, Prince indeed did so, but it wasn’t enough for us to see who he looks like more.

We taught this was a coincidence, but later on, a pattern started to emerge – none of the following images allowed us to see the entirety of baby Sussex’s face. On Mather’s Day, we only saw a pair of irresistible tinny feet that were lying in the hands of mommy Meghan. Then again, little Archie enchanted us with a look behind his daddy’s arm on Father’s day.

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If we take a moment to remember how Kate Middleton enjoyed being a mum behind a camera, giving us a full feel of precious royal moments, we can’t help but wonder why are Meghan and Harry not following her footsteps.

According to a parenting expert who spoke to UK newspaper The Express, this kind of attitude has deeper roots in a desire to protect the newborn from unnecessary exposure. All parents have the right to request some anonymity for their child if they so wish and spend the first part of their baby’s life bonding and learning more about them, said Victoria Jennings, founder of Bloom baby classes.

Meghan and Harry, being parents for the first time, surely want to take some time and enjoy the blessing of nurturing their child.

Jennings also explained why Kate had had such a radically different image policy:

Kate’s love of photography has also played an active part in the images shared of her children as her hobby of capturing those precious moments clearly shows and being the mum behind the camera allows her to capture those moments so naturally.

That being said, there is no right and wrong in parenting. Everyone does what they think it’s best for their child, and shouldn’t be judged for it. Different things feel natural to different people.

Source: Instagram

Even though we can’t wait for the next Sussexes’ pic, we should all decide to respect Archie’s privacy and be patient. His impending christening, which is set to take place in early July, should give us another injection of cuteness meltdown.

One thing’s for sure – those cute cheeks and button nose are worth waiting!

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