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Experience the Komodo Dragon up Close

What if you were presented with an opportunity to experience the Komodo dragon up close? Would you jump at it?  Maybe a few adventurers would grab the opportunity. However, many people who have watched documentaries about the largest lizard in the world would want no parts of that.

No ranger would allow anyone no matter how adventurous to get too close either. There is a high possibility that such an encounter would end tragically…not for the lizard. The Komodo seems to live by the ‘you-don’t-bother-me-I-don’t-bother-you’ code. It would be best to keep your distance.

Elusive Creatures

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All the same, it is possible to get safely close to the dragon with the guidance of expert guides. These monstrous lizards have been around for millions of years yet were only seen by outsiders for the first time in 1912.

The merchants that frequented the Komodo route on their way to get spices and sandalwood from Timor went right over them oblivious to their existence. The locals were aware of them.

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To get close enough to these elusive creatures, you may need to consider signing up for a Komodo Island cruise – read more about it at Ayana.com. Then you will be able to see the great lizards from the safety of your cruise ship as well as experience the beautiful bays of Bali. It is a great way to watch the passing countryside as well as the aquatic life beneath the waters.

Seeing the Komodo Dragon

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If seeing the dragon is top on your bucket list, you need to be on a Komodo cruise as soon as possible. You have seen it enough times on the screen. Seeing it in its natural habitat would be a treat especially if you have been yearning for it.

The dragons rule their 630-acre lair unbothered. The only animals they come into contact with are those they hunt for dinner. You will be interested to learn that these fierce creatures also exhibit some cannibalistic qualities as they prey on each other as well.

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Sailing to the island is a lot of fun as there is so much to do and see on the journey. The passing landscape is the stuff dreams are made of and make you think you probably found a slice of heaven right here on earth.

The Dragon’s Lair

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Komodo dragons are found on Komodo and Rinca Islands. Guides have to accompany you to the dragons’ home in order to keep you from wandering where you should not. Having lived among the dragons all their lives, the guides know the ways of the dragons.

You will notice that there are homes not too far away and no one interferes with the other. They are amicable neighbors but they must obey the boundaries.

There have been reports of humans being attacked and even killed for wandering too close to the dragons. You must stay close to your guide(s) and obey their terse instructions. It is quite a walk into the dragon’s lair; at least an hour long trek inside.

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Then you will simply happen upon them napping after a meal or simply lazing around in the sun. The guide’s instructions are very crucial here. No one should try to be a hero or imagine they can outrun the giant lizards. They are known to be pretty fast on their feet.

They look like grumpy sore tempered beings; the kind you want to stay well away from. You must, therefore, be careful even as you make your way around the dragons’ home turf. If they feel you are getting too close for comfort, they could pounce and your puny human legs would be of little use to you.

Once they have fed, they love to sleep. They will actually fall into a deep sleep and will not be very curious about your presence. Even their prey will venture close to take a sip of water when the king of the Komodo Island goes into a food-initiated slumber.


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Seeing the Komodo dragons up close and personal is an experience you are not likely to forget in a hurry, if ever. Observing them in the natural habitat is every wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true.

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