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Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande

If you wanted to know a little bit more about Ariana Grande, we are here to help you. Here are the most important facts about her, her life and her career.

Ariana Grande is now a very popular singer. She was always talented, since her early age. She was born on June 26, 1993. Her parents noticed that she is an active and talented child so they sign her in singing and acting classes.

The role that made her a little bit popular was her role of Charlotte in the play 13, in Broadway production. She was only 15 then, and she got a National Youth Theatre Association Award. After two years, in 2010 she had a role in Cuba Libre musical.

Source: Glamour

After this musical, she got a role in Victorious series where she had the role of a singer-actress.

But she never forgot what she really wanted, she wanted a singing career. And in 2011 she released her first single Put Your Heats Up. And her fans from Victorious loved that.

You can hear Adriana’s voice in Winx Club series in 3,4 and 5 seasons as the Diaspro character.

She now has a thrice-platinum album The Way that reached top 10 across the US.

Her Personal Life

Source: Page Six

She is currently single, but she was in a relationship with rapper Mac Miller from August 2016, until May 2018. After that relationship, she was in a relationship with a comedian Pete Davidson and they even got engaged, but they broke up. Their relationship didn’t last for long, they broke up in September 2018.

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