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Equipment Every Rider Should Have

Riding a motorcycle is fun, thrilling, and quite dangerous if you’re not wearing proper equipment that can vouch for your safety on the road. That feeling of freedom is only second best to the feeling of safety. While everyone likes the wind to go through their hair, riding a motorcycle without a helmet is considered very dangerous. Motorcycles are part of the traffic, but they can often time be overlooked by other vehicles and that can put you in a dangerous situation.

So because of that, we are going to talk about the equipment every rider should have that will guarantee his safety while on the road.

1. Motorcycle Helmet

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Probably the most important piece equipment of them all, a helmet is what protects you from bashing your head if an accident occurs. Statistics are taken from the CDC, Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention, motorcyclists are far more likely to be involved in accidents than other vehicles, and motorcycle accidents are far more likely to result in fatality. If an accident does occur, almost 66% of all helmet impacts occur around the forehead or chin area. So with all that being said, a helmet is a rider’s best friend while on the road, and an important piece of equipment that can be the difference between life and death.

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2. Motorcycle Jackets

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Other very important pieces of equipment, only second in importance to a helmet, are motorcycle jackets and gloves. For riders, it’s important that you protect every area of your body while riding the freeway. Motorcycle jackets are high-quality and quite expensive pieces of equipment that can also prevent injuries in crashes. Not only that, but motorcycle jackets can protect you from the wind while riding. According to statistics, motorcyclists who wear protective jackets are far less likely to visit a hospital after a crash than those who don’t have any kind of motorcycle jackets on them.

3. Motorcycle Gloves

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Gloves are very important for hand protection. They are not as expensive as jackets because there are plenty of options out there to buy on the cheap and still get value for your money. When buying motorcycle gloves, make sure they are comfortable, warm, water resistant, wind resistant, and make sure they allow you protection while also allowing you free land motion.

4. Motorcycle Boots

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Highly recommended, motorcycle boots are paramount for your safety and for allowing you control while riding. The best thing about motorcycle boots is that they allow you provide you proper foot and ankle support. They are also best for preventing injuries in crashes; protect you again hazards, and impacts.  Statistics from the CDC have found that cyclists who wear motorcycle boots reduce the chances of foot injuries by 45% while on the road.

5. Pants or Knee Guards

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Motorcycle pants or knee guards are yet another important pieces of equipment that can be the difference in crashes. They are vital for any motorcyclist and they are a must-have for every rider. Pants or knee guards can offer a lot of protection in crashes, as they are designed to sustain impacts and protect the knees and legs of the cyclist. When buying motorcycle pants, always go for the ones that are waterproof, windproof, abrasion-resistant, and breathable.

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