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Emily Ratajkowski`s Political Behavior? – The Frisky

As time passes, we can see that politic is dividing people everywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what the question is. Social media gave people the ability to speak their mind everywhere and at any moment. Surely, this can be said about celebrities as well. After all, they are people too, they are not immune to things which affect common people.

One of the newest examples was the case of Emily Ratajkowski. We all know how popular she is and that she has everyone`s attention whenever she says something. Especially her political opinions. She shocked her fans by appearing in the abortion campaign. This campaign is a reaction to anti-abortion law which was voted in the state of Alabama.

Her Opinion on the Law

On her Instagram post, she said that 25-year-old men are voting against abortion, even in cases if the pregnancy was caused by rape and incest. Also, she said that these men are imposing their will to women, with the goal of upholding the patriarchy and preventing women of low economic status to have an abortion.

Furthermore, she talked about this being an attack on black women and their rights because the states that voted this law have a high percentage of the black population. She claimed that this is an attack on human rights, and she stated that this law is against all the United States stand for. In the end, she said a common sentence. “Our bodies, our choice”.

As we said earlier, this is not the first time we hear from Ratajkowski about her political opinions. Once, she was even arrested on a protest against the nomination of supreme court judge Kavanaugh. As you see, she covers her lady parts just enough for this not to be a nude picture so that it couldn’t be categorized as porno.

What did the Internet Say?

Her post surpassed two million likes and over 25 thousand comments. Piers Morgan said that she had good intentions and that her opinion is something that he can agree with. However, he said that she ruined it with a picture that banalized the whole intent. Moreover, this is not new for Ratajkowski. She shared her nude photos in the past.

Despite the picture, we can say that her opinion is on point. Plus, we can say that she gathered a lot of attention from the media. In the end, we can say that her intent was a successful one. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is, we believe that she sent a strong message, which can help people who fight against anti-abortion law.

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