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Embellish your bath time with cool caddies

A warm bath after a long hard day is probably one of the best feelings ever. It gives you a wonderful combination of isolation, tranquil, and comfort. Although there are more and more shower cabins because they are saving much space in bathrooms, only a bathtub gives you the benefit of long soaking in the water. Few pleasures can compare to a nice steamy hot bath, indeed. And you can make it even more relaxing and enjoyable. Warning: the following suggestions are for the real hedonists.

Prepare for your relaxing bath time

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First of all, you want to make a nice and soothing atmosphere. You play some music, classical, jazz, or soul music, anything that suits your mood. Afterward, bath products come in a line. Nowadays, Cosmetic Companies offer you plenty of varieties of bath products that are intended to enhance the bathing experience. You should try bath capsules, bubble baths, salts, or bombs that color the water and pick your favorites.

Entertain yourself

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To give yourself the maximum of pleasure, take a favorite book with you, make fruit salad, light the candles, or pour some wine in a glass. To have easy access to these things, you will need these bathtub caddies. A lot of them have support for books or tablet that won’t let them slip away in the water, holders for wine and spots for soap, shampoo, razor and bath sponges. If you love natural material, pick wooden or bamboo caddies, and if you are a practical type of person, choose the metal one.

All in one caddie

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Now, imagine watching a movie while soaking in bubbled water. You have not one, but two cups holders, cell phone slot and the extra space for your spa experience. You can light up the candle and put some masks and special shower gels to be at the reach of your hand. Plus, because of the removable tray, you can store your towels, too. The sides of most of these caddies can be adjusted to fit on any tube.

Minimalist caddies

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Of course, if you do not need all of these gadgets and you like to be disconnected from the world while relaxing in the bathroom; minimalist caddies will do the thing. It can serve for decoration and spa treatment. Caddies like these don’t contain holders or any other ads – just a cute and decorative board where you can put some flowers, candles or soaps. It would enhance your bathroom décor.

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As you can see, there are a lot of different models out here. However, first off all, when choosing a perfect caddy, you should consider what material its made of. We all know that there is high humidity in the bathroom, so it’s very important for a caddy to be moisture resistant. You should invest in bamboo or stainless steel caddy. The second important thing is to have an extendable design so it can fit any type of bathtub. I wish you good luck in finding the perfect one — May the hours spent in the bathroom be the best part of your day.

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