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Easy way to increase Instagram follower base

Social Media is really influential in these modern days, and it just keeps growing in popularity as we speak. A statistic that came out in 2018 showed us that Facebook has over three billion active users, which is almost half of the population on this planet.

And Instagram, on the other hand, is believed to surpass this number in just a year or two due to the dramatically increasing community that switches from using Facebook to using Instagram instead.

With these two things being said, we already have a clear picture of how significant social media is these days, so we are going to be closing this introduction and dive into today’s topic which is getting some more Instagram followers. Let’s take a look.

Why do you need Instagram followers?

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You might be wondering why people are so obsessed with the number of followers that they have on their Instagram profiles. Well, the answer is that many people these days want to be influencers and have some kind of an impact in the world, so what better way is there than doing it through social media? Famous Instagram models and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have millions of followers, and whatever they decide to post will affect that many people. There is no denying that it’s pretty fun and awesome to have such a big fan base, and this makes every single one of us eager to increase our Instagram followers count. After all, who doesn’t like some free Instagram followers?!

Increasing your Instagram followers

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You might think that managing a social media profile is just plain and simple, but you might be wrong. There are many different trends and methods for gaining exposure, new followers and free Instagram likes, and they tend to change each year as well. So a really important thing is to always stay informed and “in the game” if you want to be on top of the Instagram community. Feel free to check this if you want to learn more about some pretty effective methods of boosting that number that we hope to grow so much each day.

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Utilizing and optimizing your posts with the hashtags is necessary in order to gain maximum exposure on your posts, and sometimes paying for some advertisement is of great help as well. Instagram is a place where a lot of people are doing business, promotions of their work and what not, so you have a lot of competition on your hand, and you must take an effective and professional approach. Paying for advertising is simply not going to work if your content is not eye-catching and drawing the attention of other people.

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There have been tons of times when I’ve scrolled through Instagram and a paid advertisement popped up, and I immediately closed it simply because it bored me in the first two seconds. So unless you have a pretty good strategic plan and some optimized content, do not waste your money into paid advertisement yet. After all, the idea is the most important, and if you do something unique that people will love, your followers will steadily increase over time.

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A really fun example for this is the famous egg picture which holds the world record for most likes on an Instagram post, and it is just a photo of an egg, but the idea behind it was appealing and unique as it was the mission to break the world record of Kylie Jenner’s photo.


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