Born to be a Flower Japanese Drama Eng Sub

Born to be a Flower Japanese Drama Eng Sub

Jul. 11, 2018
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Other nameTakane’s Flower , Born to be a Flower


The eldest daughter of the distinguished head family of the famous Tsukishima style of flower arrangement, 29-year-old Tsukishima Momo has everything – beauty, talent, career and wealth. She is engaged to the man she deeply loves. However, she discovers her fiance has been two-timing her and cancels their marriage on the day of the wedding. A shattered Momo has a crisis of confidence all at once. That is when Kazama Naoto happens to show up. The owner of a bicycle shop, he is an ordinary man who has nothing, and she is a woman out of his league. In spite of this, the two of them fall in love.

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2018


Original title 高嶺の花
First air date Jul. 11, 2018
Last air date Aug. 29, 2018
Seasons 1
Episodes 8
Duration 45m

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