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Does Your Real-Life Lover Live Up To Your Dream Partner?

From the Tell Us Something We Don’t Know Department: A study from the University of Sheffield and the University of Montpelier (in the U.K. and France, respectively) found that people’s real-life lovers differed drastically from their “dream” companions. Researchers “found that our actual mates differ in height, weight and body mass index from the ones we would describe as ideal.” Yup, that sounds about right.

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The study was based on 100 heterosexual couples who were asked to specify what physical features they found ideal. Scientists then compared those “ideal” statistics with measurements of the subject’s partner. Most men, it seems, would prefer thinner women than the ones they’re with. And ladies idealize a man with more meat on his bones.

Sheffield researcher Alexandre Courtiol noted, “Whether males or females win the battle of mate choice, it is likely that for any trait, what we prefer and what we get differs quite significantly. This is because our ideals are usually rare or unavailable…”

Source: Pixabay

Or perhaps, it’s because physical appearance is only one factor of what keeps a couple together.

Tell us: Does your mate differ significantly from your “dream lover” archetype?

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