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Different Types of Hair Removal Explained

Most people have unwanted hair. It is common for it to appear on the chin, upper lip, back, legs, feet, fingers, toes, and your cheeks. There are various causes of unwanted hair, including specific medication, genetics, and hormones. There are several ways to remove these hairs and in this article, you will be able to read about the different types of hair removal. Let’s take a look at some methods:

1. Shaving

Source: Bradford Skin Clinic

Shaving is one of the best ways to remove hair from areas such as the legs, arms, and face. However, you should keep in mind that it can cause ingrown hair or irritation, especially in the public area.

2. Plucking

As you probably already know, plucking can be quite painful, but it is a great option if you only have a couple of hairs that you want to remove. You might opt for plucking is you want to reshape your eyebrows or to pluck a few hairs that grew on your chin or cheeks. You definitely should not use this method for larger areas since it can cause scarring and ingrown hair.

3. Laser

Source: Medical News Today

Laser hair removal is a long-term option that will involve destroying the roots with light. This option could be permanent and if not, it will certainly reduce the amount of hair that grows and it will make it lighter and thinner. For example, roseskinco.com offers a way for you to remove unwanted hair with a laser at home. It is a fast and long-lasting option for all skin types, and it is especially good for people who have darker hair and lighter skin since the laser will detect pigment. It is simple and not painful and you will be able to enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about missing a patch of hair.

4. Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams, also referred to as depilatory creams can be bought at almost any store. The ingredients in these creams will dissolve the hair shaft which will provide you with silky skin. This method lasts longer than shaving. Keep in mind that you should first test the cream on your hand in order to see if it will cause irritation.

5. Threading

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Threading is a usual Indian method of hair removal and more and more salons offer it. The experts that will do the threading will use string to twist in a pattern and use it to pull out the unwanted hair. It is usually done to reshape the eyebrows.

6. Electrolysis

This method is only done by professionals that will place a small needle with an electric current in the hair follicles. There are two main hair removal methods with electrolysis, thermolytic and galvanic. Galvanic chemically destroys the hair follicle, while thermolytic uses heat to destroy the hair follicles.


Source: Bella NYC

As you were able to read, these six methods for removing unwanted hair will offer you a wide range of benefits, hence, do not waste any more time and choose which hair removal method is best for you. With either of them, you will be able to be care-free while enjoying the summer days.

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