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Did You Know That These 6 Kitchen Tools Have an Expiring Date

You get up in the morning, and to get your day to start you need a tasty smoothie to give you that extra kick, and then out of the blue the blender starts smoking and your day is ruined. You can prevent these kinds of problems, learn how to recognize when it is time to change some kitchen appliances or tools that you use daily.

1. Knives

Source: The Independent

You should change knives every two years, if they are broken are rusted there is no point in sharpening them. If you want them to last longer, sharpen them once a week with a sharpening stone.

2. Chopping boards

Source: Amazon.co.uk

Change plastic chopping boards every three years, or when they form deep knife cuts. It is best to have different boards for meat and vegetables, to lover the risk of getting some harmful bacteria.

3. Wooden spoons

Source: wannaspoon.net

Every five years you should change wooden spoons. In case you find a crack or a soft spot on the spoon, you should change it right away.

4. Rubber spatulas

Source: Amazon.com

If your spatula has tinted you should change it, expiring date is about two years but if there is a crack, a chunk of it missing, or maybe it melted, it is time for a new one.

5. Nonstick Pans

Source: The Spruce Eats

Every two or three years, it is time for a new pan. When you see scratches or nonstick surface starts to decay it is for the better to get a new one, and if you want to keep them wall stored, hang them up or put a paper towel in between when you stack them up.

6. Blenders

Source: Epicurious

According to some manufacturers, the time to replace a blender is when you drop it in water, or if you see a crack in the jar. However, if there is no crack and you don’t drop the whole thing in the water just change blades when they become dull, and you are good to go.

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