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DearMob iPhone Manager – The real iTunes replacement

iTunes is probably the most important software out there for Apple users who want to have all their stuff together at all times, it helps them save up their data and add in new stuff onto their mobile phones. But we all know how selective iTunes is about the stuff you wish to transfer using their software. And then there is the obvious problem of the iTunes and iCloud backup limits which prevents you from backing up everything you love without paying first. And let’s not even get started with the amount of time it takes to back things up generally. iTunes was envisioned brilliantly. But it’s implementation today is pretty much shambolic.

According to 5kplayer, DearMob iPhone Manager is a really good replacement for iTunes simply because of how unrestricted it is in letting you do your job the way you want to. You can back up how many ever photos you want to, there are no DRM restrictions while trying to transfer or backup files that you haven’t purchased from iTunes. But that’s not all that’s on offer. We’ve managed to find a way for you to download and install DearMob iPhone Manager for absolutely free.  Read on to find out more features of DearMob iPhone Manager and how you can get your hands on a free licensed copy today.


Backup and save everything you love in one click

Source: iGeeksBlog.com

The main and most important function of DearMob iPhone Manager is its ability to back up your entire device with just a single click. This comes in real handy when you’re moving over to a new Apple device as you can simply connect your current device to the PC, backup all your data, connect your new device and get all your stuff on it easy. DearMob also allows users to encrypt their files so that only they can access them using a password that they’ve set. Using DearMob you can backup all everything including :

  • Contacts: Backup, Merge and export contacts from within the same interface.
  • iMessages: Backup all your iMessage data including pictures, videos, and gifs. You can also export this file backup as a PDF.
  • Calendar: Import all your calendar entries at once.
  • Apple Books: Backup all your books regardless of the format, be it EPUB, PDF or audiobooks. You can also convert and export backed up books to PDF, TXT or HTML format.

Check out this video tutorial on how you can back up your data on iPhone:

Import/Export photos, music, and videos super easily.


Manage and backup all your libraries at once like like Camera Roll, Selfies, Live Photo, Panoramas, Instagram, Snapchat. Get the ability to import and export everything at once without having to go through the hassle of going through different albums one by one. The photo transfer also works relatively fast, allowing you to transfer 100 4K photos in under 8 seconds. You can also convert the standard HEIC photos into JPG to make everything more accessible for you.


Source: MyVenturePad

The Music transfer feature in DearMob allows you to import non-iTunes music files onto your device without facing any DRM related issues. You can also manage and edit all your music files without any losses in quality. To top it all off you can also now create your own ringtones and use them on your device right from the software itself.


Source: Cult of Mac

DearMob allows users to transfer 8K videos to your devices and if you don’t know what to do with it, you can also just simply delete the files that are existent on your device to free up space. All the videos you transfer via DearMob do not face any issues with DRM again.

Aside from all this DearMob also allows users to install apps that are not on the app store without having to jailbreak your device. It also adds in the functionality to mount your iPhone as a standard USB flash drive on your computer.

Now to bring everyone back to what we said at the start of the article.

You can get a free licensed copy of the software if you visit the following website and download the “Giveaway license.”

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