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Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

When people are new to Internet dating, there are a couple of things which are likely to strike them from the outset. When they go to flirt online on sites like this, they’ll be amazed at the diverse range of talent waiting to be untapped, literally at their fingertips. Secondly, they might also be overwhelmed at the sheer scale of opportunity. While there’s obviously nothing wrong with being spoiled for choice, having too much choice can sometimes be an issue in itself. How on earth do you gauge who is going to be right for you when browsing through a database of other singles who are, for the time being, complete strangers? Here are some dating tips for finding Mister or Ms. Right.

Never be tempted to go with your first choice

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While you might well get the urge to opt to get familiar with the first person you come across you like the look of, remember the power is in your hands when it comes to Internet dating. You are under no obligation to keep in contact with anyone at all. If you decide you would like to move on to another possibility, it’s your call.

Keep an eye out for positive character traits

You will be meeting all sorts of people during your quest to find someone appropriate in the online environment. In order to narrow down the possibilities, you should be focusing on establishing connections with people possessing admirable personality attributes. You’ll quickly get attuned as to whether the person you are chatting to is friendly, reliable or good-humored, as opposed to someone who is cynical and constantly bad mouthing others.

Learn to appreciate the fakes

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The more familiar you become with dating websites, the more your instinct will become fine-tuned to spotting daters who are untrustworthy. When you do suspect someone is catfishing you (i.e. they aren’t whom they claim to be), it’s time to swiftly move on. If you come across someone who is being consistently negative, you can report them to be the administrator of your website.

Build a rapport

Getting in touch with someone online can be a drawn-out process as you gradually find out more and more about each other. There will be a stage where you progress beyond small talk and starts to discuss deeper issues, such as the things which concern you or the passions you have. This is an excellent way to really stoke a sense of chemistry which is a crucial aspect of finding the right person.

Seek common ground

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All though it’s not always possible to get an immediate person of someone’s background from their brief bio, you can certainly get a flavor of the hobbies and interests which they enjoy. As you browse through the list of available singles on a dating site, you can home in on those sharing your own pastimes. Finding things you have in common is not only an excellent conversation opener, but it also paves the way for you having an excuse to meet up in the real world to engage in a particular activity.

The golden rule: a GSOH is so important

It doesn’t matter what the situation happens to be where you are connecting with someone for the first time, whether that’s in the online or world, one of the crucial character treats you should be drawn to is a good sense of humor. Few things are more crushingly disappointing than coming across someone whose profile photograph gives you butterflies in the tummy, but whose conversational skills make you yawn! The right person does need to be someone who can make you laugh and look forward to meeting up.

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