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Dating Online? Here’s What To NOT Put In Your Profile

You joined that dating site, like, a month ago, and while you got a lot of action at the beginning, you really haven’t been hearing from the types of people you’d like to date. What’s wrong? Is it them? Is it you? In fact, it may be your profile. If you suspect your dating shingle may not be doing the real you justice, it could be time for a rewrite. After the jump, we’ve got 10 things that are a must-remove when it comes to online dating profiles, whether you’re a girl or a guy.

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1. You’re Looking for A “Friend.” This is a dating site. Not a “friend” site. Date or go home.

2. You’re Not Very Good At Writing About Yourself. If you don’t write well about yourself, everyone else will figure that out.

3. You Did This Before, And Now You’re Back. If you were previously a member of this site, it didn’t work, or you never found anyone—nobody needs to know.

4. Photos Without You In Them. What does posting a photo of your dog/cat/car tell anyone about you? Nothing.

5. You Aren’t Happy. Forbidden words: “lonely,” “depressed,” “frustrated.” Better words: “happy,” “fun,” “awesome.”

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6. You’re Super Picky. Profile readers will expect they can’t live up to your exacting standards.

7. Anything That’s Not True. Lying about your age and then writing, “Actually, I’m [insert actual age], but I feel [insert younger age]!”, makes you seem like a liar, not young at heart.

8. Stuff That Sounds Like A Resume. This isn’t a job interview. It’s a relationship interview. Let down your guard and get loose.

9. Lists. You know what moves people? Prose. Not lists.

10. “I’ll Tell You Later.” No, just tell me now.

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