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Danish Companies Engage in SEO War

SEO in Denmark is just as important as for any country with a focus on the internet. Each country has its very own market, and the Danish are no different from what happens at Silicon Valley.
With a steady foothold on the internet, more and more companies are engaging in SEO strategies in order to have the upper hand on their competition.

More and more companies are specializing in bringing SEO solutions to the small Scandinavian country. With an increase in SEO agencies, the Danes have taken a steady foothold on the internet. But what do Danes do on the internet, what are the most popular search engines, and how do Danish SEO agencies engage in SEO?

Danes on the Internet

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According to the statistics from The Digital Economy and Society Index, the most what Danes do on the internet is sending and receiving emails. Internet banking comes second while obtaining information from public authorities’ web sites comes at third. Engaging in SEO and offering SEO services ranks at 7th, however, that was ranked at 13th a few years ago. So naturally, we can assume that there’s been a rise in SEO and SEO services lately in the country.

What Are The Most Popular Search Engines

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According to statistics from Web SEO, a Danish SEO company, almost 95.11% of all Danes use Google Chrome as the main browser. Bing comes at second with 3.15% and Yahoo with 1.19% sits at third. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all since Google Chrome is the dominant search engine in almost every country in the world.

What Are The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 69.31% of Danes using it, Twitter is second with 11.03% and Pinterest is third with 5.05%.

SEO in Scandinavia

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According to experts, there isn’t that much competition on the market for SEO services. However, with a dozen of established companies, SEO is slowly but surely starting to popularize in Denmark. With more and more businesses going online, the use of SEO is starting to increase. More and more agencies are showing up and offering SEO services to the general public. We all know what SEO does, and we all know how it can benefit a certain business, company, and organization, and it seems that Danes are starting to see the benefits of it.

With the rise of e-commerce in Denmark, with more than 80% of the general population purchasing at least one product online in 2017, SEO can have an even greater impact. Agencies specializing in SEO are at war with each other for the grand prize of being the best. Having strong competition is always healthy because it pushes everyone to be better at what they do, the case is the same with Danish SEO agencies.

SEO is very important for businesses to rank higher on Google SERPs. With more and more business venturing the internet for new customers and more and more business going online, SEO is starting to become a very important part of Danish internet bon ton.

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