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Creating the Luxury Bedding Look: Basic Suggestions

The way you’ll design your bedroom can make a significant impression on its aesthetic appeal. But most importantly, it will influence the quality of your sleep and general health. Choosing the right covers, duvets, and pillows is absolutely essential when it comes to creating a luxury feel on your bed. When you have the right elements for ultimate comfort, you can begin adorning your bed with elegance. Layering your bed using complementary fabrics and textures can create your own unique look. You can tailor your bed to reflect your personal style through design, shapes, and colors.

Source: Contemporary Furniture

Choosing your Style

One of the most essential parts of giving your bed a luxury feel is choosing high-quality bed sheets and covers. High quality beddings like PeachSkinSheets feel as sophisticated as they look. The luxury beddings are also designed with function and style so that you can add your personal dreamy touch. Here are some suggestions when choosing a style.

  • Add some pops of bright colors to a subtle palette such as grey to achieve a modern look.

  • Go bold by mixing paisleys and florals and see how well they complement each other.

  • Bring sand and blue together to achieve a beach-like vibe.

  • Try layering with all-white beddings to get the breakfast-in-bed feel of a luxury hotel.

Source: Architectural Digest

Start with the Basics

Once you have chosen the kind of designer bedding style that you want, it’s time to decide on the foundation of your desired look. The foundation of your desired look could be a quilt, duvet cover, or coverlet. Keep in mind that seasons also matter. You may want to swap out the lighter weight coverlets for the warmer quilts and duvet covers in winter.

When it comes to choosing fitted sheets, remember that it will be the closest thing to your skin and choose silk or cotton because of their soft textures, especially Egyptian cotton. Linen is recommended for warmer weather as it helps to regulate body temperature. When shopping for coverlets, choose lovely textures or patterns with depth to contrast with your duvet cover. During warmer weather, you may use the coverlet alone and fold the duvet at the foot of the bed.

Source: Maverick Quilts

The Perfect Pillow Mix

If you’re shopping for pillows, look for the thick, moan-inducing pillows – like the ones you normally find in a high-end hotel. Feather-stuffed pillows always have that feel and unless you have a feather allergy, you should equip your bed with two or four down pillows as well as two fiber-fill pillows. Euro shams can also be ideal and stylish, especially when you want to prop yourself up while reading in bed.

For that bold look, choose Princess, Empress, or Duchess Cushions. But if you want something a bit modest, choose a Breakfast or a Toss cushion.

Source: Lindye Galloway Interiors


Those extra touches will surely make any bed unique and elegant. Use decorative shams to make a real statement by adding a row of grand shams behind your regular sized shams. They will give height and drama to your bed’s look. Try to experiment with different styles and textures and switch them to match the season or your mood.

If you’re really serious about transforming your bed using luxury bedding to achieve that elegant look and comfy feel, you can try some of the recommendations here. Overall, you must choose high quality beddings. You also have to select the right colors and textures to match your bedroom furniture and the walls of your bedroom.  Lastly, use your creativity to create that elegant look in your bedroom.

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