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CPAP Machines: How Does It Work?

Sometimes some diseases shape our way of life and determine our daily rhythm. CPAP – continuous positive airway pressure treatment leads a way of treating a medical condition that causes temporary loss of breath during the night or simply sleep apnea. CPAP machines represent a solution that is different from taking a pill. Besides the mentioned function of the CPAP machines they improve the quality of sleep to anyone with their presence, but to fully understand their influence, we must explain how the machine works.

The CPAP machine helps people who suffer from sleep apnea with breathing during the night by increases the air pressure in your throat to prevent your airway from collapsing when you inhale through a mask, dealing with this condition is resolved instantly and good night sleep is guaranteed. CPAP machines pressurize air to the user and keep it on the same level during the night.

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These machines have a small tank of water and a filter, whereas the pressure rates are measured in centimeters of water or cmH20. Its vital function is like a humidifier, the ideal performance when a tube is connected to the unit to a mask that you place over your face while you sleep pressurize air somewhere between 4 and 20 cmH20 in 1 or 0.5 increments (cmH20 value). For those who have partners in bed who snooze (or don’t realize they snooze), this is a helping gadget to have a good night’s sleep.

When choosing a type of mask for your face, take in mind that the wrong size can affect the recommended therapy. You will be presented with a mask that covers your face, the NCPAP – nasal continuous positive airway pressure that covers only your nose, or only prongs that go directly into your nose. This depends on the expert medical opinion and you will base your purchase on it. Many doctors recommend a test of the chosen option of therapy for an overnight sleep test. You will limit a mistake in purchasing if you opt for the above mentioned “test period” of the product. One of the useful websites is called cpappal.com and it has helped people find what they were searching for.

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As for the majority o people, the price is quite crucial in this case. The cost for the CPAP machines depends on a few factors that can increase the standard price around $200 up to $800 and more. The usual additions that lead to the increased cost for the CPAP machine are humidifier capacity, size, ramp time, sleep data tracking, volume, preset alarms, etc. For people who intend to travel (often) with their CPAP machines, we suggest focusing on more power in the mask = size + volume.

The doctor’s opinion should be your guideline for the future purchase of the CPAP machine. We hope that we had turned your attention to nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea, a snoozing help for your partner, and it can even lower blood pressure in the night. You deserve to get a night of good sleep, just like everyone else.

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