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Could You “Slow Decorate” Your Living Space?

Do you know those people who move into a new house or apartment, and seem perfectly happy to live out of boxes for, like, ever? Yeah, I’m not one of those people. As soon as I moved into my new apartment, I began unpacking, organizing and putting things away. I really hate having to live in transition, and the sooner I can get my art on the walls, and my forks in the silverware drawer, the better. I’m a control freak, and I’m also one of those people whose internal anxiety is deeply affected by her external circumstances. Which means I have a hard time concentrating or feeling happy in unfinished, cluttered spaces. I’m fine if the closets or cabinets are disorganized, I just don’t want to have to see it.

But Alysha Findley over at Apartment Therapy takes a vastly different approach…

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It’s called “slow decorating.” “Do you take your time and hunt down the absolute perfect item for each nook and cranny?” she asks. “Do you have the time and energy to wait and buy or re-create the things you can’t yet afford? Can you live in a semi-finished space? In other words: are you a slow decorator?”

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For Findley, slow decorating is about finding the perfect thing for the perfect place.

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“On one hand I am enjoying mulling over each space, the joy of finding or building the perfect thing, the excitement when it comes together, and the challenge of finding creative ways to fill the space while it gets ‘finished,’” she writes.  But even Findley acknowledges that decorating this way can really test your patience. “I can see the final product of the house in my mind’s eye but don’t have the time or resources to make it all happen at once. I have had no choice but to learn patience and join the slow decorating camp, even if I occasionally fight it along the way.”

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So what’s your decorating style? Fast and impatient like me? Or slow and steady wins the decorating race?

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