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Common Risks When Window Installation is Done Incorrectly

April to June is the busiest time of the year for renovations, as everyone is trying to get work done quickly before the summer heat arrives. For example, if a homeowner is putting in a new deck, they’ll obviously want to enjoy it sooner rather than later.

Likewise, if you want to maximize airflow through the spring and summer, you should be putting window replacement projects at the top of your to-do list.

Here’s why many homeowners choose to install new windows before the warmer months – for better insulation. Call us to learn more about how installing new windows can save you money. For example,old windows and cracked frames can let drafts of air in and out of your home, which is extremely detrimental when you’re trying to cool your home with air conditioning. Cold air leaking from your home can cost you more money as the air conditioning unit needs to run longer and harder, adding to your energy costs.

Source: HomeGuide

That’s why it’s important to buy ENERGY STAR® windows that are certified to be energy-efficient. But it’s not only about the kind of windows you buy – you’ll also need to be sure that you’re hiring the right people to install them.

Hire an Expert Window Installer

Some jobs look easy or straight-forward, and a number of people make the mistake of thinking that they can do their own home renovations without any professional experience. The thing is, without the right knowledge, you can make a mistake without even realizing it.

Here are common issues that might arise due to poor window installation:

  • As already discussed, lack of or poorly done insulation can lead to drafts – either letting hot air in during the summer, or letting cold air in during the winter
  • A sloppy job can lead to the windows looking off and unappealing
  • The mechanisms for opening and closing the windows might not work properly
  • Existing wood rot and mould could go unnoticed by an untrained eye, and as a result, even with new windows you’ll be experiencing moisture and condensation build-up
  • Careless installers can damage your home through negligence or ignorance

Source: Signature Impact Windows & Doors

On top of all this, if you have any problems but didn’t hire a professional to install your windows, then you may be dealing with a contractor that can either disappear on you or not even care to help you with your issues. Also, be aware that many manufacturers hire sub-contractors, and in these situations neither party may want to take responsibility for something done wrong.

A professional window installation project takes time, so be sure the company you hire isn’t rushing the job. Ask the company to walk you through the steps involved so that you can be sure they will do the job right.

When it comes to your home don’t leave it in the wrong hands – make sure you contact a professional every time you are looking for replacement windows.

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