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Coconut Oil As A Deodorant?

While there’s no proof that antiperspirant causes cancer, there’s enough hype over the suggestion that it’s legit to be concerned about the health issues associated with deodorant. For those looking to go the all-natural route, we’ve discovered that some are using a surprising product to get the job done—coconut oil. Apparently, there’s a whole contingent of coconut oil fanatics who do what’s called the Coconut Oil Diet. (Makes us ill just thinking about what that might entail). But followers also rave about the product’s other applications when it comes to beauty benefits.

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For starters, people claim that the oil as a topical has worked miracles on scars and acne, and we could see how this rings true as shea butter is already promoted as a scar-diminishing aid. Others apply the stuff to their underarms, stating that it magically fights odors and works as an antiperspirant. Why? It’s unproven, but according to Coconut Diet, the “MCTs (medium chain fatty acids) in the oil attack the bacteria in sweat that cause the odors.”

Interesting. Just one question—how do you prevent getting oil stains all over your clothes? Seems risky. Have you tried this? Thoughts?

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