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Choosing a Berkey Water Filter

A Berkey Water Filter is one of the world’s most efficient, effective and economical water purification systems available today. These filters are the ultimate weapon in purifying water for households. Nowadays, waterborne diseases have become quite common and this is primarily due to the human contamination of water as we are surrounded by pollution. However, our demand for potable water for daily use has not decreased, yet instead has increased due to the rise in population. As a result, water filters have essentially become a necessity.

Is it the best one on the market?

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Berkey is one of the best water filters available on the market today. They are very popular, are used across the globe, and are renowned for high standards they maintain. The black berkeys that come with the system use a combination of various types of high-quality materials. It uses gravity filtration technology to remove unwanted and harmful substances like toxic chemicals, bacteria and hundreds of other contaminants from water.

The Berkey can remove all these contaminants without removing beneficial minerals, and more importantly, without the usage of any electricity. This means that in the event of a power failure, a user can still enjoy these features. Details can be found at bigberkeywaterfilters.com.

Alongside their main Big Berkey system, they offer several models and several different sizes, each ensuring equal and high-quality service. The company provides options to fulfill the demands of every family size as well as their budget. Also, the different sizes that are offered turn out to be a blessing for families who live in small apartments. The small-sized systems like the Travel Berkey easily fit in most kitchens and are used for outdoor camping or emergencies. Berkey systems can efficiently purify water, regardless of its source whether it be from household taps, or even remote lakes and streams. Each model also possesses these same unique properties.

How long does it last?

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The black Berkey filters itself are quite durable lasting for 6000 gallons per set of 2. However, to ensure proper cleanliness, some regular replacements and maintenance are required. When used under normal conditions, it is recommended to change or replace each set of two PF-2 fluoride filters after approximately every 1000 gallons.

Cleaning process

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The cleaning process of the filter is straightforward and easy. First, you have to remove the filters and then using a scrub pad, you would carefully scrub the outer surface of the filtering element. You would finally re-prime and rinse it with clean water.


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A Berkey water filter is very economical and cost-efficient. Their exact price depends on the model and size chosen, however with a Big Berkey water filter, the average cost is just a few cents per gallon, ensuring a saving of more than 95%. The prices of some selected models are stated as follows:

Models like the Travel Berkey Water Filter cost $249.00. The Big Berkey Water Filter cost $ 278.00 whereas Royal Berkey Water Filter $305.00. Furthermore, the additional PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Water Filters are $60.00.

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