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How to know if Managed IT Services are right for your Business

Technology and the Internet plays an important role in the business world, which makes it an important part of almost every company in the world. Implementing the latest IT trends can be a real challenge since technology is changing almost daily. Hence most business owners are overwhelmed with the choices …

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What do hackers do and how can you protect yourself  

Hackers are in fact simply computer experts that are often viewed as dangerous individuals that use their knowledge in malicious purposes. Even though that is a pretty narrow view, we’re going to refrain from trying to define hackers and we’ll focus solely on cybercriminals, even though not every hacker is …

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Cryptocurrency Mining and the Factors to Consider

Do you know that mining is a crucial task in the cryptocurrency network? Miners are responsible for confirming transactions and adding them to the blockchain where they cannot be forged. Cryptocurrency miners use software to solve cryptographic puzzles, which is the means through which transactions are verified. Anyone can become …

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