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Cryptocurrency Mining and the Factors to Consider

Do you know that mining is a crucial task in the cryptocurrency network? Miners are responsible for confirming transactions and adding them to the blockchain where they cannot be forged. Cryptocurrency miners use software to solve cryptographic puzzles, which is the means through which transactions are verified. Anyone can become …

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How to run Scrum retrospective meetings without Scrum Master

In the modern world, the complexity of technology, the behavior of markets and the environment, as well as their interaction, have increased dramatically. In complex and uncertain conditions, Scrum confirms its usefulness and necessity. This method was implemented at schools and by governments, in various spheres of life as in …

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AI Scientists have found a way to extend smartphone’s charge without the need for power banks

Many portable power banks are available in the market today. Some are lightweight, some are heavy to carry. Just to make our phone last all day after spending hours on our phone it has become a habit to carry a portable charger in case we might need it. Although modern …

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4 Examples of Online Dealership Live Chat Conversations

The verdict is in on the latest car dealership online software. Not only is it now possible to generate an enormous amount of new business by developing leads online, but the complete end-to-end dealership experience is proving enormously successful. The two most important things that make a dealership website work …

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The future of digital music and why you need a music library

We will answer the why part of the question immediately – It offers an overview of future music trends. While changes in consumption and their implications, together with the emergence of active audiences, are presented as the main elements of model change, advances in technology and organization have also influenced …

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The most effective way to download YouTube playlists

Watching video streaming on services like YouTube consumes a lot of data. Along with the increasing speed of cellular data transfer, video streaming traffic has also increased through mobile devices. According to Ericsson data in the presentation of Mobility Report 2017 in Jakarta, of the total global cellular data traffic …

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