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Roadside Saliva Tests Are In Question

In recent years, several countries have loosened their stringent legislation on the use of recreational and medical marijuana. While this action may have initially been perceived well by cannabis users and other interested parties, certain issues including driving while impaired has become a nightmare. Although driving while high is considered …

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Millennials Aren’t to Blame for Their Poverty

The past few years, a multitude of headlines have been printed accusing millennials of destroying various financial markets. “Millennials kill the diamond market,” “millennials are killing the housing market,” and other headlines like these have been circulated by both large and small media outlets. These headlines, and the articles following …

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The Most Popular Types of Jokes

Jokes are the oldest form of comedy and one of the oldest forms of short-storytelling. According to historians, jokes have been around since somewhere around the 4th century in Ancient Rome, where a very popular book called Philogelos (Love of Laughter) was published.  This book contained comedic stories, and they …

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