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There Was a Meghan in Prince William’s Life Also But She Turned Him Down

Maybe you didn’t know but back in the days, Prince William was a real ladies man. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, Prince William, not Prince Harry. Okay, Prince Harry was also a ladies man, but we are talking about his older brother, Prince William. Prince William wasn’t so open in …

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Is Prince William’s Alleged Affair Different From The One His Father Had?

The story about an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury is still actual. Everyone is still talking about it, gossiping, wondering if there was an affair. People are talking about them, why did they do it if they did do it, and also about Kate Middleton and her …

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Here is everything about the adorable relationship between brother and sister in law Prince Harry and Kate Middleton

If you have never noticed this before, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have a very loving relationship. If we take into account their royal work, their shared interested in mental health, and similarly silly sense of humor, the two are the perfect brother and sister in law. Read on to …

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Prince William and Kate Middleton broke an important royal rule when they took garden photos of their kids George, Charlotte, and Louis

The new photos of Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton, and their three adorable little children playing in a garden looked like a lovely family time together. The fans were very happy to see that the family enjoyed this beautiful space, as Prince Louis was walking and Prince George and …

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