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Mommie Dearest: Let’s Talk About The Placenta

It always amuses me when something concerning pregnancy, birth, or parenting pops up as a “trend.” Odds are, that “trend” has been in practice for ages, but most likely in non-urban, non-privileged, non-U.S. areas. Take, for example, the notion of using midwives to deliver babies over OB-GYNs. Only when it hit …

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Hitched 2.0: I’m Delaying Medical Treatment Because Of My Wedding

Last month, I underwent surgery to determine whether or not I have endometriosis, a disorder in which the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus. For people with endometriosis, the symptoms and prognosis vary greatly, but patients most commonly suffer from pelvic pain and, in some cases, infertility. The only …

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