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Is This Why Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Waited So Long To Divorce After Separation?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. They announced that they were splitting up in 2015, but haven’t finalized their divorce until now. They explained in their joint statement in 2015 that they were divorcing and remain committed to co-parenting. In 2017, Jennifer …

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Divorced men advise – things he wishes he knew

Marriage is a tricky thing. You have to work hard to stay together. When everything fails, you are knocking on the door of a divorce, and that is when reality hits you. You start thinking about all the things you wish you did or knew before everything went south. One …

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What were Prince Charles’ words that shocked Princess Diana

Many people know a lot about Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the basis of their divorce and headlines that they filled in regularly. However, it did not start like this, it all started like a kind of a fairy tale. This was the first royal wedding that was broadcasted …

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