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Best 6 Healthy Food Items For Busy Housewives To Save Time

Looking after the kids, meeting work deadlines, attending get-togethers with friends, running grocery shopping and yet being pleasant all the time is what looks like an average housewife’s day. Housework can be more consuming and exhausting than one can think of. With a number of bullets occupying the to-do list, it is often self nutrition that takes a toll.

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A cup of coffee and cookies for breakfast might appear easy for a tight schedule but it doesn’t fill in for the needed nutrients. Thus, it is high time to replace your “easy food” with “healthy easy food” that takes care of your nutrient requirements and can be prepared in a breeze.


Eggs come with all the required vitamins and protein for you and are incredibly nutritious. Remember, they have all the nutrients for a baby to grow into a healthy chicken. You can experiment with it all the time without the risk of getting wrong.

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You can have a simple omelet with vegetables. You can even make egg muffins by preparing a batter with vegetables and baking it for around 15-20 minutes. You can also add egg white to a bowl of vegetables and heat it in the microwave for about 1 and a half minutes, season it with some salt and make yourself a healthy sandwich for the go.


Sprouts are the safest of all the food options and highly nutritious. They boost your metabolism and improve digestion. They also improve your vision, enhance the immune system and benefits your skin. Now, who wouldn’t want to have them!

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You can have your sprouts daily as a salad with your meals or as an evening snack. In order to experiment a little, you can make sprouts pulaav, sprouts khichdi or even a mixed sprouts sabzi. These recipes are significantly easy to make and will add a new taste to your table.


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Oats are a great source of essential minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. They have a number of health benefits including lower blood sugar level, weight loss and lower risk of heart problems. You can have your regular oatmeal or can even combine it with eggs. Prepare it as usual and add a pinch of salt with pepper and add a poached egg to take it to a newer level altogether.


Idli is a steamed cake which is prepared using rice or rava. It originated from Southern India. These simple treats are very healthy and can conveniently fit your busy schedule. They are full of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fiber. If consumed in adequate amount, they provide you energy and lower the risk of strokes.

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To give them a new stir, you can stuff your idlis with your favorite vegetable stuffing and combine it with mint chutney or you can even fry them with vegetables like cabbage, onion, and tomatoes and treat yourself with a mouth-watering and nutritious recipe.


Rice is the staple food of North India. It is easy to cook and takes little time. Another variant of it called brown rice is becoming increasingly popular for its nutritional value. It gives your body the much-needed carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

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You can have rice with different kinds of chutneys or even toss some vegetables in it to make it more fulfilling and tastier. You can combine it with curd and different vegetable curries to give it a new spin. You can also order some rice delicacies from reputed places like Original Saigon Restaurant to enjoy the best form in which rice can be served.


The best news that comes with this meal is that the combination can be modified as per your own requirement and taste. While running for grocery shopping or picking up your children from school, this meal will be easy to cook and carry for the go.

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You can prepare burritos with healthy spinach and beans, or quinoa and beans, or black beans with berry salad and fresh salsa or you can even make your own combination and get creative with your food.

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