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Best 32 Free Live TV Streaming Sites for Watching TV Online (2019 Updated)

As more and more customers cut cable and go digital for their everyday TV needs, it is a great time to make a survey and see which site offers the best streaming for watching TV online.

Online streaming has revolutionized the way we receive our entertainment. You don’t have to pick a cable package that has your favorite programs any longer. Everything, including TV shows, sports games, or your favorite late-night host, is available at one click of the mouse. Often, a TV show you want to watch isn’t even available in your region, unless you go to online streaming. Here are our picks for the best 25 free live TV streaming sites for watching TV online.


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The biggest advantage that you get with this free tv streaming website is its simplicity. On the homepage, you have some of the most popular channels shortcuts so you can access them easily and quickly while the search is there for you to seamlessly browse a huge number of channels.


The main selling point for HyfyTV is the wealth of British and Hindi TV stations it streams. The interface comes in many languages, including Italian, Spanish, French, and Arabic, to reflect the global audience the site attracts. There is also a handy Chrome extension that can help you resolve most of the issues with playback.

Showbox For Mobile

If you are looking for the best solution while on the go, then you need to check this application. Showbox for mobile will give you access to an unlimited amount of content that you can take with you everywhere. While it might be more convenient to watch movies, TV shows, and various videos on both computer or TV, when you are on the go you might have some spare time and that is the perfect moment to have an app like this. Be sure to always have the latest version so you can check it out here and download Showbox (5.24).

If you wish to watch live sports such as football and cricket along with just movies and tv shows, ghd sports app is the finest option for you. It’s available for Androids only, so you can download ghd sports for android and watch all the tv channels along with movies and tv shows right now without any paid subscriptions.

Among all the streaming websites out there we found that the Cinema HD streaming application has to be the best one out there. It represents a revolutionary app in the entertainment industry and you will be able to stream various TV shows and movies only with a few mouse clicks. What is so great about it is the fact that you only need to download it and it requires no payment or your credit card info as a guarantee. Along with that, all the content that is streamed is usually in high-quality so you will be getting the maximum enjoyment out of it.

The Cinema HD application is compatible with almost any device – you can install it on a Windows PC, Android device, iOS as well as use it along with a Smart TV or a Firestick program. It is so easy to install – go to the official website, download it via the link, accept the conditions and after that the only thing left is to open and enjoy it. What is so great about it is that the content is daily refreshed and you get an option to select certain TV shows or movies as your favorite and watch those later from a separate section. It is absolutely free and easy to use, and along with streaming TV shows and movies, there are features that allow you to add and choose between different subtitles, color, font, etc. It offers the 4K viewing option but that depends if the streamer provides it or not. And no, you will not have to worry about the risk of malware or other threats that exist on similar websites – with Cinema HD your device is completely safe from any possible harm. Last but not least there will not be a lot of ads either and if you use the YesPlayer very few will be popping out anyways.


With the development of mobile devices, it is only a question of time when most people will watch TV on smartphones. To do this, you will need a reliable and fast streaming application like Mobdro that allows on-demand video streaming. The main goal of an app like this is to give you access to thousands of TV channels anywhere. With an integrated search engine you can easily find high-quality video and many refer it as “Video Search Engine.” All the searches will be automatically sorted by category so you can quickly find what interests you the most. For those that don’t want to pay, have in mind that there will be some ads, but fortunately, those are not intrusive like it can be with some other apps of this kind. So what are you waiting, download APK now and enjoy all those channels for free.

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If you are often on the move there is still a solution for you as you can watch movies and TV shows that Showbox offers. With an easy to use and simplified interface, you will be watching all your favorite content in no time. Also, you are looking for an app which is easily accessible on both the platform mobile and desktop then showbox-windows.com must be a worthy option, with their latest update you will easily get the latest stuff related to TV series and movies anywhere.

As the name would suggest, USTV Now mostly streams US channels. Designed for American troops and diplomatic personnel abroad, it is completely legal to watch.


BeeTV is relatively new on the market and not many people have heard of it. This app is easy to use and you will have access to your favoriite movies and TV shows.


With more than 35 countries to choose from, Stream2watch offers a wide variety of content to watch. There are some pop-up ads to deal with, but the quality of the stream more than makes up for them.

You tv player apk

image source: youtvplayerz.com

If you are often on the move, it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch TV. The best solution for you is the You TV Player apk as it offers great tremendously user-friendly layout and the possibility to browse content neatly categorized in several categories.

Tv Catch Up

TV Catch Up is reserved for the UK channels. As such, it is mostly aimed at the British residents, but there’s no reason for the rest of us not to enjoy the occasional episode of the Downtown Abbey.

One of the latest additions to the streaming community, Pluto TV quickly grew in popularity and today it can boast with over 6 million subscribers. One of its strongest appeals is that Pluto is completely free to use like Project Free TV.

BBC has also decided to join the 21st century and allow its viewers to access their content online. If British news and entertainment is your cup of tea, this is a must-have for you.

Crackle is one of the most popular streaming sites on the net. Like many other sites, it does require a registration, but it’s a rather straightforward process. Once done, you can access not only TV streams but also enjoy some of the Crackle’s original productions.

Squidtv is a global platform that allows its users access to many national TV networks. The navigation is done by regions, so it is quite easy to find what are you looking for.

The Star India Company is the owner of Hotstar, a streaming service geared towards the Indian population. With more than 25 million users, the site has become a household name in India.

Streema boasts that it holds the greatest collection of TV stations from around the world. While that claim is hard to verify, the amount of TV content it offers its viewers is truly impressive.

With a sleek design and many of the most popular Indian channels on its menu, YuppTv is very popular on the subcontinent. The site owners are dedicated to the quality of their service and it isn’t uncommon that some of the TV programmes are displayed in better quality on YuppTV than on their own sites.

Another site that is focused mostly on the US channels, Epctv also offers ESPN streaming. One major downside is that adds are plentiful on this site, but that is to be expected from any free streaming site.

Tubi TV offers plenty of channels from around the globe. The site is very popular and it offers a high-quality service, yet it remains free to use.

Boasting an excellent design and layout, Lihatv is very easy to navigate and use. A very fast search function will make sure that you don’t waste your time while searching for your favorite TV show.

Located in the UK, TVPlayer offers more than 60 channels to choose from and is free to use. The Streaming quality is excellent and is one of the favorite British streaming services.

Compared to some other sites on our list, FreeTvAll looks a bit rough around the edges. What it lacks in design, the site makes up for in availability and free access.

No TV streaming list would be complete without Hulu Live TV. Although it isn’t free, for $39.99 you get access to premium content previously only available on cable, including NBA and NFL.

Sling TV features channels like ESPN, AMC, and Food Network. You can also find a variety of sports programs, including NFL, among their streams.

Direct TV is US-oriented streaming service, offering live streams of stations like A&E, AMC, FOX, CBS, Discovery channel, Dіѕnеу channel, Vіасоm, Turnеr, and Unіvіѕіоn.

The world’s premier video hosting service has recently stepped into TV streaming business with their YouTube TV service. Offering more than 40 cable stations, it also has a premium service called YouTube Red. The app like YouTube makes ourlifee enjoyable and easy.

Sony decided to cash in on the popularity of their Play Station console and offered a TV streaming service as well. It features many stations, including AMC, BBC, Brаvо, CNN, NBC, Dіѕсоvеrу, ESPN, Dіѕnеу, TNT, CBS Sроrtѕ, NBA TV, HBO, аnd Showtime.

From a DVD delivering service to the absolute rulers of the streaming universe, Netflix has come a long way since its start. They are now a veritable TV station, with their own massive production, plus a variety of content from other providers. Netflix does not offer all US-based content to its subscribers residing outside the USA. If you are facing this issue, you can use the Netflix VPN. VPN helps to watch US-based content without any issue.

Free Tv’s major selling point is that the service is free. The site features an older design which lacks the functionality of more modern competitors and the streaming quality can be lacking at times, though.

Stream Live offers two packages to its viewers, the basic, which is free and premium, which will cost you $11.99. This one-time payment gets you a better streaming quality and no ads or commercials, which doesn’t seem too expensive.

Don’t forget that streaming sites are great for when you’re traveling or camping and can’t watch TV at home. Perhaps you will stay at a hotel room where there is no TV but there is the internet. That is why you should also check DNS servers for gamingbest torrent sites, and The Pirate Bay alternatives.

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