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Beauty How-To: Cover Your Gray Hair

A guy might look dapper with his salt-and-pepper hair, but a woman just looks like she missed a vital dye appointment. If you don’t have time to pay the salon a visit (or just don’t want to pay the salon) color yourself younger in your own home.

Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

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Every follicle of hair contains cells with pigmentation and, as we age, the pigment lessens and lessens until the strand of hair is void of color (white or gray). This is a natural process, but it doesn’t mean we have to accept it.

When Does Gray Hair Appear?

Some children have gray hair, even if its only a few strands, but most people gain grays as they get older.

Discovering Gray Hair

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Just because you find a gray strand you don’t need to freak about your age. Sure, the golden years of skipping dye jobs are gone, but when your biggest problem can be solved with a trip to the drug store its nothing to worry about.

Deciding to Color

Look into the brands and products your are thinking of using to cover your gray hair. Match the product with your hair type to attain the best results.

Where to Color

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Most dyes won’t stain your sink or tub, but if you have a dingier place to brush in and wash out the dye you should probably use it.

Gray Coverage Listed on the Box

Make sure that the dye you buy has the words “gray coverage” printed somewhere on the box. Covering grays requires different chemicals than a regular color change.

How Often to Cover

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If you noticed your gray hair the first time, you’ll notice when your roots start to show. When you see whiter strands beginning to grow in, it’s time to re-color.

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