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Beauty Danger! Eyeliner Isn’t Safe?

I’m a bit of an eyeliner junkie. Every single day, seven days a week, and sometimes more than once a day, I line the inner rims of my eyelids and add mascara. On major makeup days, I’ll outline my entire eye in black eyeliner to draw even more attention to my deep dark look. I’ve never questioned my own health and safety in applying my eyeliner this way.

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After all, I don’t share my makeup, don’t use contacts, and have never had eye issues. So you can imagine my surprise in reading that this application causes eye infections and that ophthalmologists highly advise against it! Before you get too depressed about having to change your makeup application, there’s a simple fix.

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With each swipe of your inner rims, sharpen your eyeliner to provide a new clean surface. Personally, I doubt I’m going to change my methods. After years of testing products, I finally found my favorite—Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus, which has a soft-self sharpening tip. And up until this point, I’ve had zero problems with my eye health. But it’s still something to think about, because, after all, your eyes are extremely important and precious. So, will this news change your makeup application habits?

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