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Are the Royals in a kind of a trap?

When it comes to the royal family of England, we may say that it is one of the most popular in the world, if not the most popular in the world itself. Everyone has heard of Queen Elizabeth II and the Windsor Royals Family. However, not many people know that they do not have much freedom in their lives and that they lead their lives on the basis of the strict rules and traditions that were established hundreds of years ago and which they need to follow.

Not regular lives

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The lives of the members of the royal family are nothing the same to the lives that are led by regular people. First of all, you are under the constant spotlight of the media and the press. This was also the case with Meghan and Harry’s son, who was introduced to the public just two days after he was born. Furthermore, it also happens that the babies are presented to the public only hours after the birth. And that is the moment which marks the constant following of the media. All members of the royal family are raised with the notion that they need to serve the people and the country. William and Harry are the best examples since they first had their military service before starting with their royal duties. Even though they do not have eth standard 9-5 working hours, most of the working royals are there to perform their duties. They are working as the representatives of the monarch and the crown and they are actually paid for it.

Ways to behave

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The press is trying to follow the royals wherever it can and thus we can sometimes see some “unwanted” photos of the members of the royal family. Since their every step is being monitored, the members of the royal family need to be careful and behave in a certain manner in order to show a good picture of the royal family. It is true that William and Kate are buying their own groceries, however, Harry once reported that he does not like to go to stores since it may happen that people may take a picture of him and reveal his location. Whenever they are in public, there are certain codes of conduct that all family members need to adhere to.

Queen’s approval

Believe it or not, but the monarch is the alpha and omega of the royal family in all ways. How? First of all, the monarch is the one who gives his/her final blessing when a member of a royal family wants to marry someone. Also, when members of the royal family want to go on vacation, they also need Queen’s approval. On the top of all this, the members of the royal family cannot name their children how they want, the Queen needs to approve these. This was also the case with the baby that Meghan and Harry got. They did not name it not due to their indecision on the name, but due to the Queen’s approval of the name. So, everything needs to be approved by the Queen.


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It seems as if all the royal members are like the prisoners within the royal family. This may be the reason why the Queen has started to loosen some of the rules. We all remember that it was the Queen who prevented Charles from marrying Camilla in the first place and she may have realized how much damage she may have caused by this. We could all have seen that she learned her lesion and that she started to loosen up some of the royal rules when Harry asked for the permission to also marry a woman who was divorced, i.e. Meghan. The Queen did not mind it and she gave her blessing. On the top of all this, it seems as if she grew very fond of Meghan. When we are talking about Meghan, we need to mention one interesting event. Namely, Meghan showed to an even with her nails polished in dark color. Why is this strange? Well, this kind of polish used to be prohibited in the royal family.

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