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Are Kate Middleton and the kids living with her mom after Prince William cheating rumor?

According to the magazine Star, Kate Middleton and her three kids are living with her mom after Prince William admitted to ‘’ making a mistake” with Rose Hanbury. However, we can prove that this report is inaccurate.

The magazine titled this article “Kate Moves Out!” Apparently, Prince William made a “shocking confession” about cheating on his wife and it drove her “out of the place”. To make his story believable, they wrote that this information is confirmed by an insider.

Source: The Cheat Sheet

The unnamed source said that William has been a bit unhappy in the marriage lately. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a conversation in which Prince William explained how he felt like they were “losing their spark.” Kate is still dealing with the emotional fallout from her husband’s affair with her former best friend.

After that, Kate “sprang into action” and took their three kids (Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Lois) to her parents’ house. She wanted both her and William to have space. The tipster also added that the future queen is having trouble eating and sleeping.

“She just lies in bed worrying about the future. Their marriage hasn’t been the same after the affair story broke. Kate is terrified that she’ll end up miserable and depressed, just like Princess Diana after Prince Charles cheated on her. She hopes that being apart will make William see what he’s missing.”

Source: Mirror

Even though many stories about the alleged affair appeared, no legitimate media organizations have confirmed that Kate moved to her parents’ home. Besides, lawyers for the royal family denied Prince William was unfaithful, and these reports are “false speculations.”

If these rumors were true, Kate and William wouldn’t attend a couple of royal events together last week.

Five days ago, she was smiling with her husband as she showed Queen Elizabeth the garden she designed for the Royal Horticultural Society Garden. It’s clear that the Duke and Duchess aren’t spending time apart and that they aren’t unhappy in their marriage.

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This isn’t the first time this magazine published a false story about the royals. For instance, in September they wrote how Prince William and Kate Middleton were being crowned the next king and queen by Queen Elizabeth. A month later they said Kate was pregnant with her fourth child.

In conclusion, this magazine wasn’t right then, and it isn’t right now.

Source: gossipcop.com

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